RealView, LLC Forges Agreement With My Facility, Inc.

The developer of emergency planning and response systems for facilities has partnered with the facility mapping provider to strengthen offerings.

emergency response
Photo: RealView, LLC

RealView, LLC, a Chicago-based developer that specializes in paperless technology solutions, has announced an agreement with Minneapolis-based My Facility, Inc., a company that provices digital facility mapping for organizations. Featuring the CommandScope pre-plan program for emergency response, and the RealView Mobile Inspection, RealView, LLC offers an ASP model that provides subscribers with software solutions without the costly expense of purchasing, managing and supporting hardware/servers. RealView also has agreements with companies in Dallas, Toronto, Denver, Honolulu, Toronto and Boston.

“This expansion allows RealView to engage more municipalities, schools, hospitals, high rise ownership and corporate real estate managers,” says RealView CEO Stephen Nardi. “My Facility, Inc. shares our passion for ensuring K-12 schools, healthcare facilities, commercial and industrial sites, and others are prepared for the best emergency response when an incident occurs.”

Four-year-old My Facility, Inc. is led by President Greg Meyer and is located in the Twin Cities suburb of Andover. Meyer and his team focus on the five state region of Minnesota, Wisconsin the Dakotas and Iowa. With more than two decades of facility management experience, Meyer is familiar with both the need for and the gap in emergency response pre-planning.

emergency response
Photo: Facility Mapping, Inc.

“What draws up to RealView’s CommandScope pre-plan program is the ease of use the template brings to the user,” Meyer says. “A facility manager will find it very intuitive, and our digital product only deepens the detail for first responders. More importantly, CommandScope ensures institutional knowledge isn’t lost when someone leaves the facility management role.

“In all of our time in the facility management world, we know very well how many facilities don’t have or haven’t implemented required emergency response plans,” he continues. “We want to drive down the number of facilities here in the Twin Cities and beyond that don’t have a plan for helping first responders before they even get into a building.”

Last year, according to the National Fire Prevention Association, there were more than half a million structure fires that claimed 2,685 lives and caused $10.3 billion in property damage. Beyond fire, the frequency of active shooters is on the rise, and no one can predict when or what the next natural disaster will be. For RealView, the objective is to arm first responders with the information they need to act with knowledge rather than trial and error, saving time, lives and property.

CommandScope provides first responders with instant access en route and on site to property plans, floor plans, hazardous material details, utility shut-off locations, geographical maps, fire hydrants locations, and other critical building and infrastructure information. All of the detailed information can now be easily updated and then accessed in the event of an incident.

Designed to improve efficiency, RealView Mobile Inspection saves time and money for any inspector. By utilizing a tablet, inspectors have the ability to electronically submit compliance checklists and even issue “alerts” or “service requests” from the field in a user-friendly, one-step process.