RediMat™ Tactile Warning Product by Detectable Warning Systems

Detectable Warning Systems’ RediMat adds mesh reinforcement, creating shorter installation times.

RediMat™ Tactile Warning Products by Detectable Warning SystemsDetectable Warning Systems (DWS) developed the original RediMat™ in 1994 as the forebearer of their complete ADA-compliant tactile warning product line for visually impaired pedestrians. Now a part of the proprietary product family of Mar-Bal, Inc., DWS has advanced the flexible RediMat to include mesh reinforcement for added strength and increased durability, ensuring a secure installation with longer-term durability.

Constructed of durable, UV-protected, mesh-reinforced polyurethane material, the flexible RediMat is surface applied on a variety of surfaces (including both asphalt and concrete) and features a proprietary, pre-applied, peel-and-stick technology adhesive system. This flexible system goes down easily, installing in less than five minutes with no drilling required. The RediMat cuts the installation time in half, reducing labor time and expense.

The glass-reinforced polyurethane RediMat is unbreakable. It will not chip, crack, or splinter. This material also conforms to uneven surfaces, making it ideal for numerous applications including parking structures, concrete sidewalks, asphalt parking areas, garages, transit platforms, apartment communities, shopping centers, curve ramps, radius applications, among others.

RediMat™ Physical Specifications Profile

  • Dome Spacing: 2.35” Inline, 2.4” (CA 3 x 4) / Slip Resistance: .90 per ASTM C1028
  • Hardness: 90 (Shore A) / Taber Abrasion: – (1000gms/1000 cycles) 150mgs
  • Color: Integral Throughout / Color Options: Safety Yellow, Brick Red, Black, Dark Grey
  • Stain Resistance: No Significant Change
  • Sizes From: 2’ x 3’, 2’ x 4’, 2’ x 5’, 3’ x 2.5’, 3’ x 4’, 3’ x 5’ and 10’ radius wedge

The RediMat tactile warning product is also available in a wedge shape, ideal for rounded intersections requiring a radius system. Directional bar mats are available, and are popular for applications along bike paths and train stations.

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