Renting vs. Purchasing Mats: What’s Best For Your Facility?

When deciding whether to rent or purchase mats for your facility, it’s important to consider your budget, customization preferences, and how much time your maintenance personnel can commit.

By Amy Peveler


Mats play an important role in facilities. When properly placed at entrances, mats act as your floor’s initial line of defense against dirt, debris, and damage. Without adequate mat coverage, 42% of a floor’s finish can be damaged or removed after about 1,500 people have walked into your facility1.

When establishing a mat program, your options are either rent or purchase mats. To decide, it’s essential to assess factors such as foot traffic, outside climate conditions, and wear patterns on floors2. This will help you determine what mat program is best for you.

Three main criteria to consider when weighing the benefits of renting versus purchasing mats include cost, customization, and maintenance.

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Renting Mats


Rental programs include scheduled service that removes soiled mats and replaces them with freshly laundered mats to help reduce labor costs. Labor costs make up around 95% of the total facility cleaning cost, so it’s vital your team uses their time efficiently3. A rental mat program can allow maintenance personnel to dedicate time and resources to other important cleaning tasks.


Personalizing mats, such as adding a photo or creating unique sizes, can create a more welcoming experience for building visitors. Entrance mats that display your company’s logo can help build a positive brand image4. Renting customized mats gives you the opportunity for personalization without the concern of maintenance or upfront investment.


While rental mats require daily maintenance, like vacuuming, the time-consuming tasks of deep cleaning and restorative care are managed by service providers. They routinely switch out your soiled mats to help ensure your facility always has fresh, clean mats. Renting mats frees up time in your maintenance staff’s schedule so they can redirect their efforts more effectively.

Purchasing Mats


Evaluate the time needed for thorough cleaning and drying of your mats, considering the tools available at your facility. This will help you gauge how much time this task will subtract from your regular daily duties5. Daily mat care can be costly and consume valuable time in your team’s cleaning schedule.


Customized mats are tailored to your facility’s specific needs and dimensions which can be a good fit. However, if the mats sustain damage, you bear the replacement costs and risk potentially damaging your floor. It’s crucial to prioritize the proper upkeep of your customized mats to safeguard your flooring.


Unlike rental mats, the upkeep of purchased mats falls entirely upon your maintenance personnel. They will be tasked with vacuuming, washing, and performing deep cleaning. These tasks are essential because carpet mats tend to trap various pollutants like dust, dirt and pollen6. Also, consider the climate in your facility’s location. If your area experiences frequent adverse weather conditions, your team will need to dedicate extra time to mat maintenance.

Select What’s Best For Your Facility

Both renting and purchasing mats offer distinct advantages and disadvantages. When deciding, it is important to align your choice with your facility’s specific requirements. You need to consider your budget, customization preferences, and how much time your maintenance personnel can commit to.

Introducing a mat system at your facility can help protect your floors from dirt, debris, and wear and tear. Partnering with a certified provider can help you secure the most suitable mats for your facility’s needs.

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Cintas, mats, Amy Peveler is a marketing manager for the Facility Services division of Cintas and is currently responsible for managing its various mat rental lines.

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