Restrooms Part Of WVU Football Stadium Upgrades

At the Milan Puskar Stadium in Morgantown, WV, new restroom partitions were part of a recent $55 million facility upgrades.

Throughout each fall, 60,000 passionate fans, students, and supporters flood Milan Puskar Stadium on game days to root for West Virginia University football. A regional institution, the Mountaineers have spent the past 80 years rewarding this loyalty by posting a 737–485–45 record and winning eight Southern Conference and seven Big East Conference titles.restroom partitions

Based on this overwhelming support and the steady growth in popularity of Mountaineer football, administrators entered a new era of fan appreciation in 2017 with the completion of a $55 million dollar facelift to the stadium located in Morgantown, WV. Dedicated to enhancing fan experiences, Milan Puskar Stadium was redesigned to add amenities and style in an environment that was getting more crowded and experiencing wear and tear. Among the many upgrades are substantially widened concourses on both sides of the stadium, enhanced bold graphics, upgraded lighting, 20 additional entry points. A focus on redesigned restrooms included 90 additional toilets in the women’s restrooms and new restroom partitions.

“The goal was to experience game day excitement in every corner of the stadium,” says Stacy Calabrese, president of Dubin and Company, Inc. in Pittsburgh PA. “The new upgrades were specifically designed to streamline all activities throughout the building, while driving team spirit.”

According to Calabrese, administrators also relied heavily on recent surveys revealing that cleaner, more accessible restrooms were priorities to stadium attendees nationwide. Key to this was the addition of new restrooms and renovation of existing ones to reduce long wait times. The designs also feature the team’s blue and gold colors.

A specialist in architectural division 10 products, Calabrese subsequently recommended Scranton Products’ Hiny Hiders restroom partitions in Blueberry color based on decades of work with the company and the need for stalls that would withstand the rigors of seven home games per year plus special events.

Scranton Products’ custom color matching is a favorite feature of many educational facilities because it reinforces school and team pride. Over the years, Dubin and Company had specified the company’s partitions for installation at commercial and educational institutions like Carnegie Mellon University and PNC at Liberty Commons in Pittsburgh, PA.

“Scranton Products has such a strong customer service approach,” explains Calabrese. “They are a large company with exemplary quality control procedures. Other companies make plastic partitions. They are one of the few that know how to do it right.”

A provider of unique and attractive interior partitions for the past 30 years, Scranton Products offers an assortment of HDPE products in variety of colors and textures. And, the company’s Hiny Hiders partitions are designed to never need painting. Unlike metal partitions, Hiny Hiders offer superior resistance to dents, scratches, graffiti, corrosion, mildew and moisture. These are easy to clean, naturally resistant to bacteria, and carry a 25-year warranty.

Since plastic is a solid composite, it also maintains a property of impermeability that does not allow them to retain and/or absorb water. Because of this characteristic, the partitions will resist water damage and are rust proof. This makes the stalls ideal for power-washing and hose-down cleaning.

“The Mountaineers are very passionate fans,” adds Calabrese. “These games can get rowdy and Hiny Hiders are ideal for dealing with heavy traffic in intense environments. Over the years, we’ve placed Scranton Products partitions in numerous extreme, high-use commercial operations that have been prone to vandalism. So far, each installation has lasted the test of time. We know this because we’ve received no complaints whatsoever.”