RGB Spectrum Multi-Image Video Processor

The QuadView® UHDx KVM multi viewer expands on the 4K 60Hz multi-image video processor by adding remote keyboard/mouse control for up to four sources in a variety of customizable layouts.

QuadView UHDx KVM from RGB Spectrum combines a 4Kp60 multi-image video processor with remote keyboard/mouse control. The unit displays and controls up to four computer screens at a time on a single 4Kp60 monitor. Flexibility and control make it a suitable multi-source display and control solution for control rooms, command centers, process control stations, security operation centers, medical monitoring stations, and industrial control systems.

multi-image video processorQuadView UHDx KVM’s KlickSimple™ navigation simplifies operator interaction by providing seamless switching of control. An operator simply drags the mouse to a window to take control of the computer displayed. This integrated keyboard and mouse control reduces desktop clutter and enables quicker operator response. For example, if a door alarm is triggered an operator can select the access control computer by moving the mouse to that computer’s display window.

The QuadView UHDx KVM provides up to full 3840 x 2160p60 4K input and output. There are six input ports—four HDMI 2.0 and two DisplayPort 1.2—four of which can be displayed simultaneously. Users can mix and match input resolutions, scale any video input up to full screen, and route any input to any window. The multi-image video processor provides analog and digital audio and lets users select and route audio from any source. The multi-image processor with KVM control features 16 pre-set and 16 customizable display layouts.

Control options include the front panel, a built-in web interface, and third-party control via Telnet and RS-232. The front panel and web interface enable audio, video input, and layout selection. Users select a preset or customizable layout, select inputs, and route inputs to the desired display windows.

The QuadView UHDx KVM can be used by medical personnel for patient monitoring and care. Nurses can track a patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, cardiac rhythm, electrocardiogram (ECG and EKG), and other vital signs, as well as video.