Rhombus Announces Cloud Access Control System

The access control unified building security system comes with integrated security cameras, alarms, and more.

Access ControlRhombus announced its new product line, Rhombus Access Control. With this announcement, Rhombus now offers a single-pane-of-glass experience where organizations can manage video security, controlled access, sensors, alarms, and integrations from a unified web-based console or mobile app.

The Rhombus Access Control product suite includes:

  • DC20 4-Door Access Control Unit, is a cloud-managed access control unit that enables simple installation, remote management, and infinite scalability.
  • DR20 Door Reader, is a modern door reader that provides multiple, touchless ways to gain access via physical card, mobile app, remote unlock, and wave to open.
  • DR40 Video Intercom Reader, is an all-in-one video and access control reader with intercom functionality and real-time video of all access events.

Though the world is more connected than ever, many organizations still suffer from disjointed physical security. Access control is the first layer of protection organizations have to safeguard their people and assets. When separate from other security solutions, data can fall through the cracks, time can be lost managing multiple systems, and incident resolution is highly reactive versus proactive.

access controlWith the Rhombus system, organizations can remotely manage building access and credentials from anywhere and pair access-based events with data from other systems, such as video surveillance, environmental sensors, and alarm monitoring.

When a door unlocks, access events are automatically indexed and paired with the corresponding security footage. This feature allows users to quickly investigate or set up custom notifications when issues arise in real time. For example, if a person’s face doesn’t match their badge, users can receive an instant alert with video footage of the incident, enabling swift incident resolution before a potential security issue worsens.

Rhombus is a cloud physical security platform designed to bring greater intelligence, security, and productivity to enterprise organizations. Rhombus delivers NDAA-compliant products.

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