Ripclear Certified Medical Face Shield

The extended wear V2 Shield helps safeguard frontline personnel against COVID-19.

Ripclear, makers of advanced protective film for outdoor sports eyewear, announced the launch of its V2 Shield. Designed to protect personnel battling the COVID-19 outbreak—including EMS workers, nurses, police, facility and operations personnel, and other front-line staff—it features 91% optical transparency, so that personnel can safely and effectively do their work while staying protected via a certified medical face shield.medical face shield

“We heard the needs of frontline responders and essential workers across the country, and are producing an optically clear, anti-fog, foam padded face shield that protects against spray and droplet infection,” said Ryan Doherty, the co-founder and president of Ripclear. “We are taking orders of quantities anywhere from 100 units to over 1 million units directly on our site and hope to keep as many people protected from the spread of COVID-19 as humanly possible.”

medical face shieldmedical face shieldEach medical face shield measures 32 cm x 22 cm (approximately 12.6″ x 8.66″) and is 0.3 mm in thickness. The V2 Shield has received medical device certification from the FDA, a certificate of compliance from the CE, and a quality management system certificate from the ISO 9001. It is also stackable and travels easily.

Made for extended wear, the V2 Shield provides dual-sided anti-fog treatment, foam padding, and an elastic band. It is scratch resistant, anti-glare, anti-fingerprint, and repels water. Pricing depends on the quantity ordered.