Rise With Sodexo Service Introduced For Facilities

Drawing on lessons learned from its support for businesses based in China, Sodexo offers a comprehensive range of services for facilities as they reopen post-COVID-19.

As many countries emerge progressively from confinement, employees expect to feel safe within the workplace and cared for when remote working, and consumers want to make sure they can count on the companies they trust to adopt the highest health and safety standards.Sodexo In this context, Sodexo, a global provider of food service, accommodations, and facilities management services, developed “Rise with Sodexo” to help its clients resume, adapt and thrive each day with a comprehensive range of services. Drawing on lessons learned from its support for businesses based in China during the restart of their activities, Sodexo teams and experts have identified the new needs of clients and employees from all sectors of activity.

This approach, aimed at having a positive impact every day and reestablishing confidence, brings together five specific solution areas:

  • Prepare with an expert risk assessments and restart process.
  • Protect people and places through services ranging from disinfection to contactless services.
  • Enable teams to perform at their best with services for both on-site and home workers with healthy and sustainable food offers grab-and-go solutions, retail and digital convenience, and meal cards.
  • Support employee wellness and communication.
  • Optimize workplace experience and energy management for maximum efficiency —applying world-class sustainability principles while respecting commitments in terms of environmental responsibility.

sodexoIn a nutshell, thanks to the seamless integration of the company’s services across On-site Services, Benefits & Rewards Services, and Personal and Home Services, Sodexo has the capacity to integrate over 20 essential service offerings, customized specifically
to its clients and consumers’ needs.

Bruno Vanhaelst, Sodexo chief sales and marketing officer said: “I am convinced that trust is the cornerstone of the successful adaptation to this new reality ‘with Covid,’ which we and our clients are experiencing. Thanks to ‘rise with Sodexo’, a program that we have defined to address the needs of our clients and consumers, we seek to recreate the conditions of trust. Our unique expertise as well as the lessons recently learned from our experience in Asia, will allow our clients to conduct their operations with confidence and security.”

This program, currently implemented in the United States, in France, and in the United-Kingdom and Ireland, will be rolled out worldwide across Sodexo’s client segments.