Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Solution

Tenable.ep allows users to determine the cyber exposure of all of their assets, everywhere, on every platform, at all times

Tenable.ep (Tenable Exposure Platform) from Tenable, Inc. is an all-in-one, risk-based vulnerability management platform designed to scale as dynamic computer requirements change. It combines Tenable.io® Vulnerability Management, Tenable.io Web Application Scanning, Tenable.io Container Security, and Tenable Lumin into one platform, enabling users to see all of their assets and vulnerabilities in a single dashboard alongside key threat, exploit, and prioritization metrics.

Vulnerability ManagementActive scanning, agents, passive monitoring, cloud connectors, and CMDB (configuration management databases) integrations provide unified visibility and a continuous view of all of user assets—both known and previously unknown. Managed in the cloud and powered by Nessus technology, Tenable.io covers more than 64,000 vulnerabilities with extensive CVE and security configuration support to help users understand all of their exposures. Whether it’s a web application, a cloud instance, a container image, remote worker, or a traditional server, each asset counts exactly the same. Organizations have the power to identify every asset and exposure, predict which vulnerabilities are most likely to be exploited, and act to address critical risks.

By continuously analyzing more than 20 trillion aspects of threat, vulnerability, and asset information with machine-learning algorithms, Tenable.ep enables organizations to focus first on the issues that matter most and reduce remediation effort.

A peer benchmarking feature compares cyber exposure between business units or locations internally, and against industry peers externally, to determine where and when to make key human and financial investments. In addition, a maturity measurement feature measures the maturity of foundational security processes, including how effective the security team is at identifying critical flaws and how quickly the issues are remediated to reduce risk.

Tenable.ep’s single, flexible asset-based licensing model frees organizations to dynamically allocate licenses across all asset types according to their unique attack surface, and modify as their environment changes.

Tenable.ep is available for all new and existing Tenable customers. Tenable products will also continue to be sold as separate solutions.


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