Rite Hite Uni-Dox Inflatable Shelter

Versatile and durable to service the widest variety of truck and trailer configurations

The Uni-Dox™ from Rite-Hite is an inflatable shelter. The design allows it to inflate rapidly after the truck is docked and deflate before it leaves.

The Uni-Dox inflates 50% faster than other inflatable shelters, thanks to its advanced air bag and connector designs (which hold air better during inflation). Its deflation and retraction efficiency is also enhanced by the use of a counterweight retraction system instead of a motorized return.

The Uni-Dox uses conforming, non-inflatable draft pads to reduce the risk of damage and leaks. These draft pads diminish wear and tear on the inflatable bags and improve the overall effectiveness and reliability of the seal.

“The Uni-Dox is the most versatile dock shelter on the market, in terms of the variety of truck/trailer configurations it can handle,” says Mary Blaser, director of marketing. “Its unique technology makes it more durable and efficient than other inflatable shelters.”

The head and side bags of the Uni-Dox inflate around the top and sides of the truck trailer, respectively, after the trailer is secured to the loading dock. Through manual activation, the air bags are then deflated and retracted behind a protective structure before the trailer pulls away from the dock. A single-phase blower fills the air bags.

inflatable shelterAn interconnection system such as the Dok-Commander® loading dock control panel offers additional feedback to reduce the risk of damage if the air bags have not been deflated before a trailer pulls in or out. The PitMaster™ Under-leveler Seal helps to prevent the infiltration of outdoor debris and pests. Gaps large and small beneath and around the dock leveler and bumpers are sealed with optional PitMaster components, providing energy savings and improving cleanliness and sanitation.

In addition to loading docks who service a wide variety of trailer sizes (including trailers with tailgate extensions), the Uni-Dox Inflatable Shelter is also suitable for facilities that require full width and height access to the rear of the trailer; where strong pressure is present; or where there are yard jockeys, truck levelers, or trailers that have hydraulic rear tandems.