Rite-Hite’s ISO-Clean Glider Door For Critical Environments

The clean glider door is made of lightweight FRP fiberglass and meets U.S. Food & Drug Administration, ISO, Annex 1, and cGMP guidelines.


RiteHite ISO Clean Glider Door
RiteHite ISO-Clean Glider Door

Rite-Hite launched the ISO-Clean Glider, a clean room door for critical environments in the life sciences industry. Made of lightweight FRP fiberglass, the clean glider door delivers clean room integrity, reliability, and safety while meeting U.S. Food & Drug Administration, ISO, Annex 1, and cGMP guidelines.

The product features a seal-monitoring system called Smart Seal that is designed to protect against air pressure loss by using torque sensing to detect seal disengagement or seal wear. When such instances are identified, it sends an alert to the door’s Graphic User Interface (GUI) control panel, notifying employees to take immediate action. It then sends a graphic alert to appear on the Safe Alert system display in the door’s header shroud to make it easy for workers to see. The Safe Alert display is flush mounted to minimize microbial harborage.

The Safe Alert system also communicates the door status (e.g., countdown sequence of when the door will close automatically, lockout status, etc.) so workers can confidently use the door or manage traffic flow challenges that arise in critical operations with interlocking doors.

On its 7-inch LCD control panel, the GUI shares real time door status, collects data, and allows workers safe control box access without PPE. The user-friendly display helps guide workers through maintenance and troubleshooting processes. The interface is smart enabled to support network connectivity and has the ability to communicate with building management systems. It also allows for the ISO-Clean wireless interlock capabilities for up to 15 doors, helping prevent access to staging rooms until specified parameters are met, and ensuring environmental separation and control between sensitive areas.

The clean glider door product is made from a fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) “shell” construction. This provides a surface that’s easily cleaned and resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria formation. Other clean design features include the door’s vision panels, which are flush mounted to minimize areas for dust to collect and microbes to grow.

The ISO-Clean Glider is available in single slide and bi-parting models.

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