ROPAX Jumbo Rolling Compactor

The Epax Systems’ compactor features a high compaction rate, reducing waste volume by up to 80%

The ROPAX™ Jumbo Rolling Compactor from Epax Systems uses a rolling drum with sharp metal teeth to crush, macerate, tear, rip, and compress waste in large open top containers/dumpsters. It provides effective compaction of a wide variety of items including cardboard and other packaging, wood pallets and crates, cable reels, paper, film and foil, green waste, encapsulated polystyrene, household goods, light metals, and other bulky items.Rolling Compactor

The ROPAX Jumbo is for bulky and voluminous waste material management through compaction in open containers. It is suitable for the economical and effective compacting of reusable and recyclable material before recycling, reuse, or disposal. The rolling drum, which weighs over 2 tons to aid in compaction, is attached to an articulating boom which moves it from one end of the container to the other and back again crushing and compacting waste all along the way.

Prior to compaction, most containers have large voids and air pockets resulting in container utilization of only about 20% of actual capacity. The ROPAX Jumbo’s high compaction rate allows for significant improvement in utilization with rates as high as 80%. This dramatic improvement means containers need to be replaced or emptied less frequently resulting in less downtime, improved worker productivity, and reduced waste hauling and disposal charges.

An intuitive control panel provides the option of manual operation, continuous operation, or timed operation (up to 30 minutes). Unlike other compactors, the ROPAX Jumbo accepts additional waste even during the compaction process. Alternative drum configurations, including different teeth geometry or patterns, are available to maximize compression rates based on the type of items disposed.

ROPAX Jumbo features technology that uses an electromechanical direct drive—as opposed to chains—to reduce the amount of maintenance needed to maintain optimal reliability. With low and easy maintenance, this rolling compactor can be placed in demanding environments with continuous operation.

ROPAX Compactors require no special site preparation and take up minimally more space than the container itself. They are suitable for municipal waste facilities, recycling centers, distribution centers, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, hotels and restaurants, apartment and condo complexes, and retail stores.