Friday Funny: 18,000 Hot Dogs. 65,000 Beers. 1,000 Volunteers.

That’s what it will take to feed more than 90,000 fans at the Rose Bowl Stadium on January 1.

When the #2-ranked Oklahoma Sooners take on the #3-ranked Georgia Bulldogs in the 2018 Rose Bowl on January 1, what will it take to tackle 90,000 hungry, thirsty college football fans’ cravings?

Rose Bowl
The SodexoMAGIC team created specialty items for this year’s Rose Bowl game. The Granddaddy Dog features a quarter-pound hot dog topped with mac-n-cheese, pulled pork, bacon and barbecue sauce.

SodexoMAGIC, the company that provides concessions at the Rose Bowl Stadium year-round, has revealed how it’s prepared to serve 90,000 fans in Pasadena, CA on New Year’s Day. SodexoMAGIC, a partnership of Magic Johnson Enterprises and Sodexo, was formed in 2006 provide communities with best-in-class food and facilities management solutions.

In addition to 300 staff, SodexoMAGIC coordinates with nearly 1,000 volunteers from local high schools, churches, and community groups to help sell concessions and raise money for their organizations. SodexoMAGIC has earmarked a percentage of its game-day sales for charity, resulting in nearly $100,000 in donations per game to community groups – around $600,000 annually. Additionally, SodexoMAGIC has partnered with Pasadena Hot Meals for the past seven years to deliver food after each stadium event to people in need within the community.

Take a look at the infographic below to learn more about what it will take to keep Rose Bowl fans happy this year.

Rose Bowl