Rotarex Firetec DIMES for Inert Gas

Digital monitoring of cylinder contents 24 hours a day, seven days a week

The DIMES system for inert gas from Rotarex Firetec ensures fixed installation fire system readiness. This digital IG cylinder contents measuring system can adjust for temperature variations on pressure to deliver a precise, real gas reading.

inert gasThe DIMES system digitally monitors cylinder contents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In case of pressure loss, it automatically sends an alert—enabling quick action to fix the problem and bring the system back to full capability.

How it works:
  • The DIMES Sensor unit replaces the standard pressure gauge on the valve port (M10x1 connection).
  • Built-in sensors continually monitor cylinder pressure and ambient temperature.
  • An integrated processor calculates the exact cylinder contents using the algorithm of the known relationship between pressure and temperature for each specific inert gas mixture: IG100, IG01, IG55, and IG 541.
  • The system can be programmed to send a warning alarm when the pressure drops below a level determined by the user—such as in the event of a leak or when the system discharges.
With DIMES, cylinder contents can be visually verified at a glance with greater accuracy than with pressure regulators. This eliminates the need to periodically dismount and weigh cylinders to verify contents (CO2 systems). Plus, interventions are only needed when the system sends a warning signal.

“Accurate monitoring of cylinder contents is important since leaks can happen, especially in applications subject to vibration or motion,” said Dr. Thomas Andreas, Head of Firetec R&D.

If the volume of gas in the cylinders drops lower than the design concentration level needed to extinguish a fire, the fire protection system can fail. Research shows that traditional pressure gauges often give inaccurate readings because they fail to take into account the effect of temperature on the pressure reading. Consequently, this can lead to inaccurate readings or false alarms.

Dr. Andreas elaborated, “Take, for example, a wind turbine that is protected by an IG system with an alarm threshold set at 270 bar. On a very hot day it can be more than 113°F inside the turbine. So if there is a leak in an IG cylinder, the pressure may not fall below 270 bar—yet there is not enough gas remaining to extinguish a fire. Conversely, on a very cold day, let’s say the inside temperature falls below 41°F, the pressure drops below 270 bar even though the cylinders are full and not leaking. This will trigger a false alarm.”

Using advanced sensor technology and algorithms, DIMES measures both pressure and temperature, then calculates the real gas cylinder contents at ambient temperature with 99.9% accuracy. The percent gas fill level is clearly shown on a digital display on each cylinder. In addition, a software interface is available to enable remote monitoring,

DIMES is designed for use with cylinder pressure from 0 to 400 bar. The algorithm is configured for the four main types of inert gases used in fire suppression: Nitrogen (IG01), Argon (IG 100), IG 55, and IG 541.

DIMES is manufactured with the same traceability protocols as medical devices. In addition, traceability data relative to each cylinder such as date of service, maintenance schedules, and more is built into the software.