Ruskin Dynamic Fire Dampers For UL Design I503

Life safety dampers for UL Design I503 horizontal installations

The Ruskin® Portfolio of life safety solutions offers more than 70 models of 1½ hour rated fire dampers and combination fire/smoke dampers that can be used with the UL I503 design specification. These include the high-performance, low profile FSD–LP series and the DFD-LP (pictured).

fire dampersUL design I503 is a two hour rated protective barrier/non-load bearing horizontal barrier constructed from steel studs and gypsum board. Until recently, UL555 fire dampers were only to be applied in concrete/masonry construction for horizontal applications.

“The I503 design provides mechanical engineers and contractors with an alternative method of construction for the top or bottom of rated shaft penetrations when applying Ruskin UL dampers,” said Michael Coyazo, Ruskin product manager.

Combined with the flexibility that UL design I503 offers, the Ruskin FSD-LP series provides a cost-effective energy saving choice for facility owners for its airflow performance. In addition, the Ruskin DFD-LP provides airflow performance along with installation and maintenance-friendly features.

FSD60LP, FSD60LP-2, FSD37LP, and FSD36LP are 1½ hour rated high-performance combination fire and smoke dampers. They provide point-of-origin fire and smoke containment along with a low pressure drop of less than .03 at 1,000 fpm (5.1 m/s). Pressure drop can be defined as the resistance to airflow across an open damper; it increases as turbulent flow increases.

LP models are rated for system velocities up to 2,000 fpm at a maximum 4″ w.g. (water gauge)/static pressure. These fire dampers feature an integral sleeve and frame, galvanized steel construction, and controlled closure technology. Rated for airflow and leakage in either direction, LP models may be installed vertically in walls or horizontally in masonry floors, are UL555 and UL555S classified, and meet NFPA requirements. FSD60LP, FSD60LP-2, and FSD37LP are Leakage Class I smoke dampers while FSD36LP is Leakage Class II.

Model DFD-LP is a 1½ hour dynamic fire damper that provides a barrier to stop flame. It delivers low leak and high performance in dynamic (fans on) or static (fans off) systems. DFD-LP is constructed with an integral sleeve/frame and an aerodynamic shaped blade for high velocity applications. It is rated for 4,000 fpm (20.32 m/s) and 4″ w.g. (1 kPa) on all sizes. It is also rated for dual direction airflow and can be installed vertically in walls or horizontally in masonry floors up to 7″ deep with low pressure drop performance for energy savings.