SAFE Enterprise Unifies Identity Management

Helps reduce the costs and risks in managing physical access of employees, contractors, tenants, and visitors.

Quantum Secure SAFE Enterprise from HID Global® is an off-the-shelf addition to the company’s SAFE Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) offering that brings together everything organizations need to streamline and centralize identity management of the entire life cycle for employee, contractor, and visitor identities.

“SAFE Enterprise transforms the security function, enabling collaboration across different departments and teams to address identity management and compliance challenges through a single, centralized platform,” said Julian Lovelock, Vice President of Quantum Secure – Identity & Access Management Solutions (IAMS) with HID Global. “It bundles our core products into the industry’s most comprehensive PIAM solution, while also giving organizations the flexibility to meet identity management needs today and in the future.”

SAFE Enterprise is off-the-shelf software that enables organizations to manage all of their identity types—employees, contractors, tenants, and visitors—and their access across physical access systems. They can do this at a lower cost and without having to purchase separate, stand-alone products. As a centralized platform, it facilitates identity management across the entire life cycle through on-boarding, badging, access rights management, and off-boarding, while also providing compliance and actionable intelligence. The policy-driven software ensures that consistent identity management processes are applied throughout the enterprise regardless of existing infrastructure and new acquisitions. All identities can be properly vetted and authorized based on role, location, and other organizational policies so people have the right access to the right areas and for the right length of time to reduce risks.

The SAFE Enterprise solution consists of four modules and add-ins. Each delivers compliance reporting and auditing functionality and is available in special configuration packages for applications in healthcare, aviation, finance, government, and sports and events. The modules include:

  • Badge Manager: Provides a platform to use external identity sources to pre-load identity information, capture badging prerequisites, and print badges for employees and contractors.
  • Advanced Access Manager: Streamlines central management of the physical access life cycle for an organization’s employees and contractors.
  • Visitor Manager: Securely and quickly manages the entire visitor life cycle from easy pre-registration to welcoming visitor invitations through rapid check-in and checkout.
  • Security Reporter and Operations Analytics: Enables organizations to understand and coordinate all on-boarding, badging, and access and visitor management activities.

The first of many planned add-ins to be offered for SAFE Enterprise is predictive analytics, which transforms security data into critical knowledge and actionable insights called Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) that help organizations take preventive actions against possible threats.

identity managementSAFE Enterprise provides a comprehensive range of functions. It utilizes pre-defined rules and workflows for on-/off-boarding of identities, access provisioning/de-provisioning, and access change management; allows users to manage various details of a physical identity, including access card information, biographic and biometric details, results of security checks, and logs of historical access usage; allows users to create spatial hierarchy of locations (sites), the underlying buildings, floors, and associated areas for better access management; and provides a central location to search and assign access levels for an identity across disparate physical access control systems (PACS) and specify details such as time schedule of access (24×7, business hours).

SAFE Enterprise enables employees to make multiple physical security requests such as new physical access requests and badge requests using a self-service portal. It aggregates access level information from disparate PACS and allows users to manage additional details typically not available in PACS, such as risk level, area owner, multiple approvers, and prerequisites for access (e.g., training for critical areas). The software allows creation of access profiles, which automate assigning of physical access using common attributes of identities such as role, location, and department. Authorized personnel can immediately terminate physical access of identities.

Quantum Secure SAFE Enterprise maintains a complete audit trail of all transactions executed within the system and between SAFE Enterprise and external systems. It also delivers pre-defined reports based on access records and logs of identities for compliance reporting and security planning.