SC8131 for Visitor Traffic Measurement

A 3D people counting solution to optimize retail operations

The SC8131 from VIVOTEK is a stereo network camera that allows retailers to measure visitor traffic and help drive business growth. It generates information such as people counting, flow path tracking (can be applied to in store layout improvement), promotional evaluation, staff planning, and the control of service times, providing business owners key metrics to make operating decisions and increase ROI.

visitor trackingMounted over a store entrance, the SC8131 features a dual lens design with 3D Depth Technology for precise tracking and a counting accuracy of up to 98%. The dual-lens camera enables the stereo vision to accurately track the 3D positions of objects moving across the field of view, mimicking the eyes of human beings. Adults or children, single individuals or groups, can be distinguished from non-human objects such as shopping carts and strollers, providing accurate counting analytics even at busy and congested times.

The SC8131 also obtains bi-directional counting on a definable flow, can track a moving path, and can detect U-turns to prevent double counting. It is not influenced by shadows, reflections, or glare conditions.

When retailers recruit security staff or part-time employees to manually count traffic they tend to produce a less than satisfactory result. With the SC8131, these valuable human resources now can be managed more efficiently while producing higher levels of accuracy.

The SC8131 integrates seamlessly with VIVOTEK’s central management software, VAST. This enhances business intelligence with video content analysis reports. The metadata is displayed in comprehensive graphs and line charts and directly exported into Snapshot. The data can also be exported to Microsoft Excel for analysis.

The computation of height disparity data is embedded in the stereo camera, instead of sending video streams to a dedicated computer running a separate analytics software. The counting solution saves bandwidth and reduces the risk of data loss in the event of network or power disruption.

The SC8131 camera has a 1/3″ progressive CMOS image sensor, a maximum frame rate of 15 fps @ 2560×960, and a MicroSD/SDHC/SDXC card slot for on-board storage. The video has H.264 and MJPEG compression, a maximum of three simultaneous streams, and a JSON/XML/CSV report format. The visitor traffic solution requires a Microsoft Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000 operating system.

The SC8131 measures approximately 6.29″ D x 2.76″ W x 1½” H and weighs 13.97 ounces. Operating temperature is 32°F to 104°F (starting) and 14°F to 104°F (working). It includes a quick installation guide, mounting bracket, and screw pack.