Keeping Schools Safe With High Performance Windows, Doors

New website highlights innovative glass solutions that create secure, yet welcoming, learning environments.

For many schools, the safety and security of students, faculty, and staff continues to be a paramount concern in both new construction and renovation projects. For school security, the focus has largely been on “perimeter hardening” through measures like controlled access, increased surveillance, and the incorporation of concealed, shelter-in-place spaces. These security features are designed to prevent or delay a violent intruder, buying crucial time for first responders to arrive and for the school to implement emergency protocols.

A new comprehensive resource on the importance of glass safety and the benefits of incorporating high-performance windows and doors to enhance the safety and security of schools is now available from SAFTI FIRST®. The updated website was designed for school superintendents, facility managers, parents, and other concerned citizens. It covers critical topics such as protecting students and staff during active shooter incidents, accidental impact with wired glass, fire emergencies, and other threats.

School Security


Whether the goal is to prevent injuries from accident impact wire glass, ensure occupant comfort or save lives during an active shooter, fire hurricane, or other threats, school districts and school designers can use glass to address these safety concerns. Installing the right type of glass can protect students and staff from all types of potential threats without sacrificing the sense of openness and visual connectivity that glass provides.

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“As a specialty glass manufacturer, our role in the construction process typically ends once the materials have been supplied to the building,” explains William O’Keeffe, President and Owner of SAFTI FIRST. “The website offers resources empowering the actual end-users who occupy these schools long after construction. They are the most important stakeholders of the project.”

Balancing School Security, Nurturing Learning Environments

While safety is paramount, school designers are also cognizant that campuses should not resemble correctional facilities. Schools must remain nurturing environments conducive to learning and social interaction. Manufacturers like SAFTI FIRST are rising to the challenge, providing innovative building products that allow designers to create secure yet welcoming learning spaces.

SAFTI FIRST’s state-of-the-art laminated glass line enables the production of security glazing that can withstand high impacts from forced entry, ballistic attacks, and other threats. This security glazing can be used for exterior windows and doors, achieving perimeter hardening while still allowing for natural daylight and a visual connection to the outdoors. If additional privacy is required, the windows can be modified with reflective film or switchable glass.

School Security

Interior glazed windows and doors, such as those in secure entrance vestibules, classrooms, and other gathering spaces, can also be outfitted with SAFTI FIRST’s security glazing. This not only enhances everyday safety and supervision through natural surveillance, but can also help prevent or delay an active shooter’s intrusion in the event of an attack.

“For over four decades, SAFTI FIRST has been dedicated to protecting students from unsafe wired glass and the dangers of radiant heat by offering safe, economical, and USA-made fire rated glass products,” adds O’Keeffe. “Our commitment to school safety continues by providing high-performance, USA-made glass products that protect students from potential outside threats such as active shootings, forced entry, and more.”

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