SecuriThings Delivers IoT Security

UEBA solution enables organizations to secure and monitor video surveillance deployments

SecuriThings is a User and Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA) solution for IoT security. It monitors users and the IoT devices themselves and uses machine learning security algorithms adapted for IoT to identify and mitigate threats.IoT security

IoT is a generic name for various types of devices that are purposely built and connected to the Internet (e.g., security cameras, routers). These devices are constantly collecting data and transmitting it to the cloud, where the data is being processed. SecuriThings offers real time visibility into the devices and can monitor this data on the cloud level. The IoT security system uses an agent running on the devices and software running in the cloud. Both components use data analytics and machine learning to detect behavioral anomalies that can indicate compromise.

SecuriThings utilizes behavior analytics to analyze human and machine behavior and detect threats in real-time. It relies on proven concepts of User Behavior Analytics (UBA), while adding machine/device behavior analytics and risk models tailored to the IoT world. This layer of real-time security allows IoT service providers to monitor their IoT applications 100% of the time, enact policies, and mitigate attacks.

SecuriThings now has new capability that enables system integrators to deploy the IoT security solution onto operating IP cameras for immediate monitoring and remediation. Using common video management software (VMS), SecuriThings agents are quickly and effortlessly uploaded to existing video surveillance deployments, with no additional configuration necessary.

IP cameras are crucial components of any physical security or safe city deployment but are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This has led to a surge of hacking incidents, including cameras infected with malware, cameras participating in DDoS attacks, and private video footage being accessed.

Hacked security cameras can also suffer severe performance degradation and become unable to communicate properly when needed, leading to expensive maintenance, replacement, and liability fees.

SecuriThings’ “lightweight software agent” runs in the background of video cameras, collecting metadata on camera processes and connections and sending information back to an analytics system in the cloud. It is remotely deployed to security cameras via two simple clicks in the VMS. Devices and users are all taken into account to assess the overall risk posture of the video surveillance solution, as well as the risk level of each individual entity. The devices are then monitored by SecuriThings’ IoT Security Operations Center, a fully managed service that ensures the real-time detection and mitigation of IoT cyber-threats.

“Until now, there have been no effective security measures for IP cameras; they have limited computational power, so traditional IT security solutions are just not applicable,” said SecuriThings CEO, Roy Dagan. “With SecuriThings’ Two-Click Deployment, system integrators and organizations can protect video surveillance deployments quickly and easily, without having to physically retrofit each device.”


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