Securitron M680E Series Magnalock From ASSA ABLOY

This new series of electromagnetic locks has a holding strength of 1,200 pounds and is more energy efficient than the previous series.

ASSA ABLOY Electronic Security Hardware has introduced the Securitron M680E Series Magnalock with EcoMag technology. This new series of electromagnetic locks has an increased holding strength of 1,200 pound and is energy efficient, with an average power draw as low as 60mA at 24V. This low power draw allows for use of smaller backup batteries and longer wire runs of thinner wire. The change in power represents a total reduced energy consumption of up to 80% compard to the previous Securitron M680 series.

electromagnetic locks
From ASSA ABLOY, Securitron M680E Series Magnalock with EcoMag technology

Another innovative feature is a new strike plate mounting template that ensures strike alignment upon installation, making for an easier and less time-consuming installation.

As with the previous series of magnalocks, the Securitron M680E series has optional, integrated features such as passive infrared motion detector, Securitron BondSTAT bond sensor, Door Position Switch and door prop sensing. As standard features, the Securitron M680E series offers configurable LED, auto-relock timer, tamper monitoring as well as MagnaCare lifetime replacement coverage.

Increased holding force, advanced intelligence and decreased power consumption, all offered at the same price point as the previous series, the new Securitron M680E Series Magnalock with EcoMag technology is the most advanced maglock on the market.

“Our team is constantly looking for new ways to take our products to the next level,” said David Corbin, senior product manager, ASSA ABLOY. “We knew it was important for the next iteration of the Securitron M680 series to be stronger as well as energy efficient. Throughout the design phase we worked to ensure that every feature would add something to the series, even going as far as considering throw-away items like using biodegradable cornstarch in the packaging.”

HES and Securitron, global suppliers of electric strikes, electromagnetic locks and access control components, united as ASSA ABLOY Electronic Security Hardware in 2018. Founded 40 years ago, HES and Securitron established global reputations by developing innovative electric strikes and electromagnetic locks.