Boon Edam Security Gate Improvements & Renaming

Boon Edam Security Gate Models have been renamed and improved. The gate names now match other product naming conventions and full height gates have been re-engineered for better aesthetics and ROI.

Since the acquisition of Tomsed Corporation in 2005, Boon Edam continues to fabricate and improve upon their turnstiles and gates. As of today, the gates are the last products for which names will be officially changed from the old Tomsed model names to names consistent with the Boon Edam product line.

security gateThe THT-51 full height security access gate is now the “Turnlock Side Gate”, and the THG-42 waist high access gate is now the “Trilock Side Gate.”

The Turnlock Side Gate E is an ADA compliant full height access gate constructed of all metal. It complements the full height turnstile models to allow access for those with special needs or the passage of wheelchairs or carts. The Turnlock Side Gate has been re-engineered to improve longevity, aesthetics, and flexibility. New features include the choice of an electric strike or maglock, a motorized closer with a weather-resistant cover, and the ability to configure left-hand or right-hand swinging direction in the field. It is available in two standard sizes (36″ or 48″ openings) and an optional panic bar and tamper-proof mesh kit can now be installed in the field.

The transparent Turnlock Side Gate EL is a Lexan™ paneled version of the Turnlock Side Gate. It is often used in interior locations next to the transparent Turnlock 200 or 250 turnstiles and features enhancements in addition to those above. The Turnlock Side Gate EL also includes metal rails and stiles that are assembled using interior, concealed fasteners and minimal welds and brushed stainless steel (#4) cladding on the header of the gate to match the stainless steel top channel cover or canopy of an adjacent turnstile.

The Trilock Side Gate complements the tripod turnstile and optical turnstile models to allow access for those with special needs or the passage of dollies or carts. It is available in a variety of finishes to match adjacent turnstiles or surrounding décor. Options include a remote pushbutton and magnetic lock.

All of the renamed security gate models are fail­-safe. In case of emergency or power outage the lock and optional motor will disengage allowing free passage.