Semtech Rolls Out Hybrid Cloud AirLink Routers

The Hybrid Cloud AirLink Routers utilize flexible cloud technology, on-site infrastructure control, align with Zero Trust strategies.

Semtech Corporation's Hybrid Cloud AirLink Routers
Semtech Corporation’s Hybrid Cloud AirLink Routers

Semtech Corporation unveiled a patent-pending Hybrid Cloud security feature for the management of its AirLink routers. The product was designed to take on the flexibility of cloud technology and customer control of on-site infrastructure while aligning with Zero Trust strategies.

The Hybrid Cloud AirLink Routers feature a hybrid approach utilizing cloud technology while retaining control of on-premise infrastructure. It enables businesses to have full control over their cellular-connected networks, with on-site process controls. By requiring on-site authentication, the risk of hacking remotely is substantially reduced. This added security layer protects against potential cyber threats, similar to the added security that two-factor authentication provides. The Routers integrate with a business’s Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), ensuring they have full control over their environment. All operations require local authorization, offering a separation of duties and thorough auditing of the management system. 

In addition to the on-premise infrastructure security component, the Hybrid Cloud features leverage the advantages of cloud technology, providing scalable infrastructure that can evolve with a customer’s business needs, thereby minimizing the need for hefty hardware investments, and enabling rapid deployment to meet operational demands.

Hybrid Cloud is available as an optional feature to an active AirLink service subscription (AirLink Complete or AirLink Premium).

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