Sena Industrial Communication Devices

Line of headsets and adapters offers custom solutions for industrial & outdoor worksites

Sena Industrial has rolled out a line of Bluetooth® and Mesh communications devices designed to help organizations connect their teams in a safe and efficient way. With businesses worldwide feeling the effects of social distancing guidelines, Sena communication devices offer a safer way to keep employees connected when returning to work. Each of Sena’s communication devices are compatible with one another and offer an open line of team communication at the workplace.

From over-ear headsets that provide hearing protection to lower profile devices that still allow for awareness of ambient noise, Sena has a device suited for most working environments. The company’s adapters also allow general Bluetooth headsets or headphones and even tablets or smartphones to connect over the Sena communication network.

Sena offers various communication devices that cater to the needs of many different industries.

Allan Myers, Mid-Atlantic construction company, deploys Sena communications technology at job sites so workers can communicate hands-free while protecting their ears from dangerous noise levels. Leader in nuclear energy, Framatome uses Sena Industrial solutions for better communications when working deep inside nuclear reactors.

Sena’s industrial product lines are designed to support small group communications with Bluetooth intercom technology or larger groups deploying Mesh intercom technology. Sena Industrial’s complete product line offers several configurations that can be designed and deployed independently of IT support or a Wi-Fi network.


Tufftalk headsets offer hearing protection for loud workplace environments. In addition to Tufftalk over-ear headsets, the Expand Boom and SPH10 sit on the ear, allowing for awareness of surrounding sounds on the jobsite. The headsets all feature Advanced Noise Control™ technology which detects and cuts out background noise and offers crystal-clear audio with automatic volume boost in noisy environments. The Universal Intercom™ protocol, makes Sena Industrial headsets compatible with other brands.headset

Sena Industrial’s flagship over-ear headset, Tufftalk, is designed for safety and hearing protection in the workplace and offers built-in four-way Bluetooth intercom communication, smartphone connectivity, and FM radio. It reduces ambient noise by 24dB.

headsetThe Tufftalk M headset comes in two styles, each with their respective noise reduction ratings: over-the-head earmuffs (26dB) and hardhat integrated (24dB). It features Sena’s proprietary Mesh Intercom™ technology, which is a self-optimizing and self-healing network, always looking for the best connection and seeking a new one when a device disconnects. It allows for workers to connect with the tap of a button. Teams are able to switch between nine channels within the open Mesh network or create a private group of up to 24 participants. In addition to Mesh intercom, Tufftalk M has four Bluetooth connections so it can still connect with Sena’s Bluetooth enabled headsets.

communication devicesTufftalk Lite is a lower-profile and cost-effective version of the original Tufftalk, which provides an extra degree of protection in noisy workplaces by helping to dull loud or distracting sounds in order to provide the necessary protection from permanent hearing loss. It has a noise reduction rating of 21dB and offers four-way Bluetooth intercom communication, smartphone connectivity, and FM radio.

All Tufftalk models are also available in a hardhat mounted version.

communication devicesExpand Boom is a water resistant Bluetooth headset suitable for outdoor settings such as arborists, construction, or landscaping worksites. It can communicate from headset-to-headset, take hands-free phone calls, or listen to music from a smartphone. Bluetooth 3.0 technology allows for four-way intercom over a 900-meter (half mile) range.

communication devicesThe SPH10 Bluetooth 3.0 stereo headset brings music, GPS navigation, four-way intercom conversations featuring a 900-meter (980 yards) range, and hands-free calling to a range of industrial worksite settings. Fully water resistant, this wireless outdoor intercom, for both incoming and outgoing audio, will support efforts to better communicate with other workers. The versatile Jog Dial and large buttons on the boom mic make it easy to control all the functions and settings.

communication devicesADAPTERS

In addition to communication headsets, Sena Industrial offers adapters for even more communication devices and communication possibilities. Connect your own devices to MeshPort Red or Blue in order to connect to other devices over Sena’s Mesh Intercom™ Network.

adaptersMeshPort Blue allows for any Bluetooth headset brand to integrate into a Mesh network to provide any work environment with the full benefits of mesh networks, including security, multiplex conversations, network expandability, and hands-free use.

The MeshPort Red adapter supports the integration of tablet PCs and smartphones into a Mesh Intercom network. It can connect the workplace’s local Mesh network seamlessly with others offsite through cellular or Wi-Fi networks.

adapters“We understand the unique communications demands of manufacturing work environments,” said Tae Kim, chief executive officer of Sena Technologies, Inc. “As such, we have taken feedback from our customers, and with our understanding of how our products work best in these environments, have created customizable solutions that can be configured to meet specific customer needs at a great value.”


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