SenesTech Launches Evolve Soft Bait For Rodent Fertility Control

The Evolve Soft Bait minimum-risk solution is designed to control rat populations by restricting their fertility through nonlethal methods.


SenesTech Evolve Soft Bait
SenesTech Evolve Soft Bait

SenesTech announced its Evolve Soft Bait solution designed to reduce fertility in rats. The minimum-risk solution is the first soft bait developed to control pest populations using technology that targets the rat population where it starts by restricting fertility in rats through nonlethal methods.

Evolve Soft Bait is highly palatable to rats, simple to deploy, and offers diverse placement in many different environments including municipalities, parks, recreation facilities, sports venues, food processing facilities, correctional facilities, subways, medical facilities, agribusiness, and zoos. The product functions by targeting the root cause of pest problems; rats’ ability to rapidly reproduce. The solution controls the population by controlling the fertility of rats, rather than trying to keep up with the growing numbers of an infestation.

SenesTech plans to offer this product for direct sale to pest management professionals, through distributors, on the Company’s e-commerce portal and through big box retailers.

Notable benefits include:

  • Effective fertility control – The active ingredient in Evolve Soft Bait effectively reduces or eliminates fertility in rats, which reduces their population.
  • Long-term solution – Affects the population beginning after one to two breeding cycles (four to six weeks), resulting in reduced pregnancies and less pups born.
  • User-friendly format – The soft bait format is designed to be familiar and convenient for professionals and consumers alike to deploy.
  • Highly palatable – The contraceptive bait is attractive and palatable to rats so that they continue to consume it, bringing greater results. 
  • Addresses infestation source – Designed to address pest infestations at the source, by reducing the fertility or birth rate.
  • Integrates with pest management programs – Works in tandem with traditional rodent control products to provide long-term solutions.
  • Cost competitive with rodenticide alternatives – Cost effective for pest management programs.
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