Senseon Electronic Lock by Accuride

A commercial grade electronic locking system for cabinets drawers, furniture, and fixtures.

Senseon™ Secure Access from Accuride® International is a commercial grade, invisible electronic lock system. It incorporates an electronically controlled locking mechanism into commercial-grade drawer slides and door locks, protecting and managing access to contents in cabinets, drawers, furniture, and fixtures.

electronic lockSenseon allows retail stores, hospitals, banks, hotels, and other establishments to avoid the limitations of old cabinet locks and keys. It uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology and hidden, patented locks to enhance security, efficiency, and reliability, improving the customer experience. An Administrator Card can program User Cards to control access and secure and unlock valuable merchandise, cash, sensitive documents, or medication without compromising security.

Senseon Secure Access has a plug and play design and is comprised of several modular components: electronic locks, system kits, and cable kits. Users choose an undermount integrated, side mount integrated, or standalone electronic lock. One Proximity Kit is required per system and one Hub Kit is required per opening (door or drawer). The system is linked together with connectors so Senseon can be designed into any project. It requires no electrical or wiring knowledge, and no keys or key rings. Installation, programming, and use are easy. Keyless, electronic locks are integrated into drawer slides.

The Proximity Kit contains an RFID reader to control the electronic locks. It can be completely concealed behind wood or plastic (up to a certain thickness) or flush mounted on any cabinet surface. A User Card is tapped over the location of the reader, and drawers or doors unlock. The reader can be programmed with options like Auto-Relock or Manual-Lock mode. Each proximity reader can control up to 15 doors or drawers arranged in any configuration. Up to five Administrator Cards can be programmed to each reader, and each reader can be programmed to an unlimited number of User Cards.

The Hub Kit enables the Proximity Reader to unlock every drawer or door connected to it and a Proximity Reader and Power Supply. It contains two hub-to-lock cables and two hub connection cables. Each hub kit controls one drawer or door.

Top or Bottom Linking Cables connect multiple groups of hubs to one Proximity Reader. Top Link has one pronged side to connect two sets of Hub sets together into one Proximity Reader. Bottom Link connects the bottom of two hub sets together. Extension Cables are also available (6″, 12″, and 24″) to make sure the Proximity Reader, Hub, and E-Locks are connected.

The Senseon 38EL is a full-extension side mounted slide with an integrated electronic lock. It offers secure electronic unlocking and automatic locking functionality with a standard lock and unlock operation. The 38ELAO offers the same security functionality but with an Auto-Open feature that propels drawers 2″ outwards when unlocked.

The 3135TREL is a concealed undermount slide with Touch Release and Integrated Electronic Lock. It is designed for heavy use as well as for aesthetics and convenience. The 3135ECEL is a concealed, undermount slide with an Integrated Electronic Lock and Easy-Close feature that brings drawers to a smooth, gentle close.

The low profile 10EL Standalone Electronic Lock can be concealed and installed for doors or retrofitting. Several options are available. The 10ELAO features Automatic Open (propelled 2″ when unlocked), the 10TREL releases doors when activated by touch, and the 10EL-2 is designed to work with soft close slides and soft-close hinges.

Drawers with external pulls can use 38EL or 10 EL for standard open. Touch release with a gentle press to release drawers is for use with 10TREL or 3135TREL. Senseon e-locks can withstand up to 250 pounds of break force, versus 65 pounds for a typical lock, and locks keep contents protected during a power outage.

Each Senseon user is assigned a card, bracelet, or fob containing a unique RFID chip. Users tap the card to the proximity reader and the cabinet’s locks open for access. Depending on the configuration chosen, the cabinet can be opened manually using hardware or finger pulls, or simply by touching the desired opening.

An auto-relocking feature is a standard part of the Senseon system, automatically securing the cabinet within a preset period of up to 180 seconds. Enabling this feature eliminates the need for users to spend time re-locking the cabinet, and locking can be verified by visual inspection.