SeparatoR Board From Johns Manville

metal retrofitThe SeparatoR™ is a ½” polyisocyanurate board from Johns Manville designed for recover and metal retrofit roof systems. During the installation of these systems, a roof board is often used to separate the old roof from a new mechanically-attached single ply membrane. SeparatoR is designed to be the ideal board for this application. Unlike wood fiber boards, SeparatoR’s polyiso foam features a R-value of 2.8, nearly double the 1.5 R-value associated with wood fiber.

SeparatoR is comprised of a 20psi foam core that is bonded with glass-reinforced (cellulose) facers allowing the board to provide a solid substrate for any recover or metal retro-fit roof system. The board is approved for use in roof systems requiring a JM Peak Advantage® Guarantee when installed in approved mechanically-fastened single ply assemblies.