Serge Ferrari Group Launches Revolutionary Solution for Indoor Spaces

STFE is a lightweight, transparent, and durable skin for interior applications, creating an outdoor look indoors.

Serge Ferrari Group launched STFE — a new flexible composite membrane — to support expansive, light-filled interior applications that include malls, airports, botanical gardens, greenhouses, and stadiums.

Made from lightweight polyarylate mesh, STFE is 10 times lighter than glass and provides structural strength for large free-span designs, minimizing the need for additional supporting structure and steel cables. STFE’s lightweight and structural strength make it easy to install and reduces environmental impact.

As a building skin, STFE provides 50% light transmission, creating a glass-like effect with minimal glare and optimal daylighting performance to improve occupant comfort and support plant growth. Guaranteed to last for more than 30 years, STFE offers an outdoor feel with indoor protection — ideal for spaces such as atriums, walkways, and skylights.

As the first flexible, long-lasting membrane to achieve transparency levels rivaled only by glass or polycarbonate — materials that are more energy-intensive or require a heavier framework — STFE offers a range of versatile and creative solutions for transparent tensile architecture.

With a single layer, enough to cover the roof or facade of a building, the material successfully tackles the challenge of providing exceptional mechanical quality, flexibility and transparency, with high visible transmittance (more than 50%). STFE is finished with a transparent coating resulting in a loose weave fabric (50 to 60% openness) and pliable material that is easy to shape, transparent, highly resistant to mechanical stress, and easy to use during both manufacturing and installation. STFE also meets the ASTM E84, NFPA 701 and CSFM T19 fire retardancy certifications.

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