SFG20 Introduces Facilities-iQ Smart Software Solution

Facilities-iQ is a smart software solution designed to aid regulatory compliance, improve auditing, and facilitate better collaboration.


SFG20's Facilities-iQ

SFG20 launched a new software solution designed to address the challenges facing the facilities management industry. Facilities-iQ, a smart software solution, has been designed to aid regulatory compliance, improve auditing and facilitate better collaboration between building owners, managers, maintenance teams, contractors, and consultants.

The new product has been launched to help users stay on top of ever-changing legislation and regulation whilst also routinely managing maintenance tasks and their financial and technical risks. FM professionals can also find that the content available through Facilities-iQ is able to support them in striking the right balance between compliance and business criticality.

The launch has followed a rigorous development process guided by the findings from FM professionals who shared the unprecedented challenges they’d experienced from a barrage of new legislation. The Fire Safety Act 2021, The Building Safety Act 2022, and the Fire Safety Regulations (England) 2022 are just three examples of how legislation has shifted priorities and responsibilities for everyone involved in the maintenance of built assets. 

A major benefit of the Facilities-iQ smart software solution for FM professionals is that it allows users to tailor SFG20 content to suit the unique needs of their facility, while still benefiting from automated update notifications whenever SFG20 content is updated to align with regulatory landscape changes. This means users can update the library of best practice and compliance information combined with their own unique knowledge of a site and its assets. Thus, helping them accurately target resources, including external contractors, to minimize costs and improve efficiency.

Facilities-iQ will be available on Wednesday, January 31st.

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