Sharp/NEC Launches Professional Digital Signage Displays

The MultiSync M861 and M981 displays are professionally designed with an advanced feature-set for presentations and large-scale messaging.


M Series MultiSync M861 and M981 Display
M Series MultiSync M861 and M981 Display

Sharp NEC Display Solutions of America (SNDSA) and Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA) have completed their M Series lineup with their NEC MultiSync M861 and M981 professional digital signage displays.

As the latest additions to the large-format display series, the M861 and M981 displays have an 86” and 98” diagonal screen, respectively, with 500 cd/m2 anti-glare panels, allowing for sufficient backlight intensity for commercial applications. The MultiSync displays are equipped with premium-grade functionality allowing for higher end digital signage. Features include video/control Daisy Chain, Multi Stream Transport capabilities, SpectraView Engine color control, Quick Start, Multi-Picture Mode, and full input detect capabilities for ease of use.

The M861 and M981 displays were designed to maintain certain features that customers enjoyed like expected longevity while updating other aspects to the latest standards such as slimming down the product and making it lighter weight then previous editions.

The digital signage displays contain advanced connectivity including the ability to add HDBaseT, SDVoE, ATSC/NTSC Tuner or full PC options through SDM-S/L. Customers also have the ability to add Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. The Large M Series also hosts enhanced speaker quality compared to previous generations, allowing the sound to come through much clearer.

Additional features of the M Series product lineup include:
  • High haze, anti-glare panel with localized dimming capabilities
  • SpectraView Engine color control capabilities allow for professional-level adjustment to all color settings including intensity, gamma, white point and more
  • Multi Picture Mode can support up to four simultaneous images on a single display through internal processing capabilities
  • PQ/HLG/HDR10 Support
  • Quick Input Switching and full input detect functionality allowing for minimal downtime and full failover capabilities
  • Key Lock/IR Lock to protect from potential vandalism or unintentional changes to the display
  • Integrated Cooling Fans and temperature sensors ensure that temperature is regulated throughout the chassis and overheating does not occur
  • Quick Power Feature allows for much quicker on-time than previous generations of this sized product
  • Low Latency Mode allows for quick reaction time from source to panel
  • Integrated 10W x 2 Speakers
  • Energy Star 8.0 compatible
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