New Product Flash: Shutgun from Technicraft Product Design

Accidental sprinkler head activation is one of the largest culprits of damage to multi-unit residential and commercial structures, with an estimated cost of up to $1,000 for every minute left running. With water being released as high as 165 psi and averaging 60 gallons per minute, a quick shut off can make the difference between one room unavailable for a few days to multiple rooms being closed for months. FE-NPFlogo

“Water from accidental fire sprinkler activation is devastatingly costly to any facility, but extensive damage can now be avoided,” said Greg Patterson, co-inventor of Shutgun and president of Technicraft Product Design Inc. “Shutgun devices mitigate damage caused by activation of fire sprinkler heads and can save facilities thousands of dollars in clean up and repairs.”

Shutgun is available with a concealed head, or with a sheared head option. For recessed sprinkler systems, facility managers should ensure that they have the concealed head version on site. This tool is equipped with a longer probe that is able to reach the opening of the water source recessed inside the sprinkler head; these situations are often found in conference centers, lobbies, ballrooms, and theaters.

Shutgun with concealed head
Shutgun with concealed head

Well suited for construction sites, in cases where the sprinkler head may have been accidently sheared off, the sheared head option is useful. Users place the sheared head attachment on the bottom of the jaw of the Shutgun, allowing it to hook over the top of the broken sprinkler head and stop the water flow with the one handed squeeze.

The Shutgun is made from durable cast aluminum. A fusible link ensures that the device stays in place, but will release and reactivate the sprinkler in the event of a fire off the water.

Shutgun’s Water Protection Kit is specifically designed for facility managers to address accidental sprinkler discharge. Designed to fit inside the fire extinguisher box, the Water Protection Kit includes the pocket size Shutgun tool, safety goggles, and protection gear needed to keep staff dry during a sprinkler related emergency.