Signage And Wayfinding Product Focus

This assortment of signage and wayfinding solutions will help improve visitor and staff experiences at your facility.

Compiled by the Facility Executive Staff
From the October 2022 Issue

This assortment of signage and wayfinding solutions will help improve visitor and staff experiences at your facility. 

LG CLOi GuideBot
by LG Business Solutions USA

signage and wayfindingLG Business Solutions USA’s first multi-purpose customer service robot, the LG CLOi GuideBot, is designed to provide wayfinding, enhanced security, powerful advertising opportunities, and valuable data on interaction times and usage. The robot’s friendly digital face, responsive voice activation, and two large touch screens are designed to revolutionize the customer experience virtually everywhere, from museums and convention centers to movie theaters and hotels.

The LG CLOi GuideBot stands just under 5’ and greets everyone on a unique 9.2” LG LCD “face” display. Using a high-quality microphone, 3D camera, and 18 sensors including LiDAR (light detection and ranging), ToF (time of flight), magnetic, bumpers, and IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), the robot can navigate busy spaces and react to approaching users with visual and auditory effects.

Offering nine hours of operation and a five-hour charging time, the robot is an assistant that can travel 2.2 miles per hour to respond to changes in foot traffic or even physically guide individuals to their destination.

AxisTV Signage Suite Digital Signage Software
by Visix

signage and wayfindingVisix’s AxisTV Signage Suite v1.62 digital signage software has new and improved design widgets, calendar options, interactive features, and cloud analytics to enhance the user experience for content managers and facility owners.

With the new Web Image widget, on-screen web graphics can auto-refresh by simply pointing to a URL to pull them in. The Web Browser widget saves passwords for web sources that require authentication (e.g., SharePoint), ensuring uninterrupted playback. Content creation is accelerated through improved visibility and speed for workflows. This includes the software’s HTML5 viewer, which publishes message playlists to webpages for remote workers.

This release expands calendar display and booking options, including support for Mazevo and a new Book CollegeNET widget to reserve space right at the display. The Outlook 365 widget is now configurable to meet standards for government environments, and the Event Calendar widget has new display options.

AxisTV Signage Suite v1.62 also builds in touch and voice interaction for wayfinding and other touchscreen applications, while cloud-based analytics help clients answer key questions about system adoption, user workflows, and content management.

Tap Scheduler Digital Signage Program
by Appspace and Logitech

signage and wayfindingAppspace welcomed Logitech as one of its latest partners in the Appspace Built-in program. Logitech is a leader in video collaboration and technology, including devices for personal workspace and meeting spaces. Adding to their line of workplace devices is Tap Scheduler, a purpose-built scheduling panel to help workers find and book meeting rooms that can also provide digital signage.

Tap Scheduler is the latest addition to the Tap family of touch controllers and can be used independently or in conjunction with Logitech’s conferencing products, such as the Rally family of conference cameras. Pre-designed channel templates are a fast and flexible way to group and publish information to a single digital sign, groups of signs, or every sign company-wide.

Appspace will be a compatible room scheduling and digital signage provider/service for Logitech Tap Scheduler.