Simple Baffle + Dynamic Acoustic Ceiling Product

Kirei turns spaces into personalized places with seven profile variants to take on harsh, echoey ceilings

Simple Baffle + from Kirei, a provider of eco-friendly design materials for commercial interiors, is a dynamic acoustic ceiling product to help make spaces sound as good as they look. As an expansion of the existing Simple Baffle, Simple Baffle + allows for easy specification of unique profiles while delivering inspiration for custom ideas.

Acoustic Ceiling ProductSimple Baffle + features seven shape variants (Simple, Lipstick, Capsule, Cutout, Pointed, Spline, and Void) and is available in 33 solid colorways (e.g., Navy, Viridian Green, Magenta, Dark Orange, Frost), helping turn ceilings into visual landscapes. Made with EchoPanel®, a registered trademark of Woven Image®, users can mix and match baffle profiles to create unique layouts, even in complicated spaces with HVAC, sprinklers, and lighting. Other customization options include flipping and rotating shapes, abutting baffles, and creating any custom profile envisioned.

“Kirei understands that a room isn’t just four walls—it’s where we play, eat, heal, and most importantly, create,” says Michael DiTullo, Creative Director for Kirei. “The various shapes and colors of Simple Baffle + allow designers and architects to get creative in their design and open up a world of acoustic possibilities.”

ASTM E84 Class C (Class A achievable with treatment) fire rated, all Simple Baffle + profiles are 12mm thick, 11.5″ tall, and come in 40″, 48″, 72″, and 96″ lengths, with custom sizes available. The adjustable Baf Track™ hardware makes this acoustic ceiling product easier to install, level, and align in any space. It can be used with a variety of hanging hardware (cable, rod, or direct mount) to work with complex ceiling environments and adjust to existing ceiling obstructions. For ACT grid ceilings, Simple Baffle + can be mounted with T-Grid Clips or magnets, available for an additional charge.

EchoPanel is considered a low-VOC emitting material and is recyclable at the end of its life. EchoPanel systems sound absorption will vary depending on configuration.

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