Single Channel Frame Grabber

Kaya Instrument’s Predator 2 supports the CoaXPress 2.0 standard

The Predator 2 from Kaya Instruments is a low-cost frame grabber supporting the new CoaXPress 2.0 standard. It is capable of receiving a single CoaXPress 2.0 video stream at bitrates up to 12.5 Gbps, has an uplink interface of up to 20Mbps, and can supply up to 20 watts of power to the camera using the PoCXP feature.frame grabber

A frame grabber is an electronic device that captures individual, digital still frames from an analog video signal or a digital video stream. It is used to convert a video frame to a single, still bitmapped image and usually employed as a component of a computer vision system, in which video frames are captured in digital form and then displayed, stored, or transmitted.

This CoaXPress frame grabber is suited for industrial, defense, and aerospace machine vision systems and applications. Predator 2 can receive a video stream on a single CoaXPress link and transfer it to computer memory via a PCIe interface, utilizing DMA. A GPIO for machine control signals, such as triggers, shaft encoders, exposure control, and general I/O, which can be controlled alongside video stream reception, is also provided. For easy access, the GPIO connector is located on the front bracket.

Predator 2 uses standard Micro-BNC connectors as a CoaXPress interface to the camera and standard D-sub 26 HD connector for general purpose I/O. The frame grabber is a low-profile card, which utilizes PCIe Gen2 x4 links for communication with the host PC for video streaming, control, and configuration.

Since CoaXPress 2.0 standard is backwards compatible with previous generation of CoaXPress interface, Predator 2 can support CoaXPress interface bitrates of 1.25Gbps, 3.125Gbps, and 6.25Gbps. It is designed as a low-cost product and can compete with existing first generation single channel CoaXPress frame grabbers from other vendors. In addition, Predator 2 supports multiple hardware-based image processing features and support for second-generation CoaXPress 2.0 standards. In combination, these things make Predator 2 a solution for existing and foreseeable-future applications requiring a single channel CoaXPress Acquisition card. This frame grabber is supported by Kaya’s Vision Point application and SDK that can be downloaded via the company’s website.