Singlewire Software Launches InformaCast Personal Duress Package

The mobile app and wearable badges are part of the new Personal Duress Package system that alerts safety officials if you are in duress.

Singlewire Software launched the InformaCast Personal Duress Package. The package offers organizations a means to provide personal protection to workers via a panic button in the InformaCast app and integration with wearable badges. The package will be available to new and current InformaCast Fusion customers.

The InformaCast Personal Duress Package offers different ways workers can trigger notifications to request assistance. First, using a pre-configured button in the InformaCast app, workers can trigger an alert that is sent to internal safety teams with their name and location so they quickly deploy a response. The user is given instructions within the app, and the option to contact the safety team directly via a phone call.

The second option is integration with wearable badges, which include a button that can be pressed to ask for help. The safety team receives the person’s name and location in this instance as well to they can respond quickly. Desktop panic buttons configured as keyboard shortcuts, virtual panic buttons on desktop phones, and integrations with physical panic buttons are also available. Future functionality will be added to the package that allows alerts triggered from the mobile app or badge to send information to a 911 dispatcher, which will meet the requirements of Alyssa’s Law and allow for better coordination between an organization and first responders.

The InformaCast emergency notification system is implemented at organizations around the world to assist with safety and security issues. In the event of a network outage, power failure, or other disruption to your primary InformaCast Advanced server, a secondary InformaCast Advanced server automatically takes over. With the InformaCast Fusion Server Appliance and the optional High Availability service, local InformaCast messaging will continue to function when your wide-area network is down.

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