Sloan Launches Expanded Line Of Connected Products

Sloan’s updated line of Bluetooth-connected products enables facility managers to wirelessly monitor the health and status of their fixtures.

Sloan is now offering faucets and flushometers that utilize Bluetooth connectivity and advanced technology to make managing and tracking use easy. The commercial plumbing systems manufacturer’s updated line of Bluetooth-connected products enables facility managers to wirelessly monitor the health and status of their fixtures while helping them save time, lower costs, increase water efficiency, and reduce risk. When paired with the Sloan Connect App, all of these benefits can be achieved directly from your smartphone.

Bluetooth“By now, all of us have grown accustomed to the benefits that Bluetooth technology provides in our everyday lives,” said Faye Badger, Sloan Product Line Manager, Internet of Things (IoT). “Sloan now brings that same technology to the restroom to make life easier for facility managers and enable them to work more effectively.”

Sloan products with Bluetooth connectivity include Optima® EAF and ETF/EBF Faucets, BASYS® EFX Faucets, as well as SOLIS® Flushometers. Select models of each faucet can be customized with Sloan’s sleek special finishes including graphite, brushed nickel, brushed stainless, polished brass, and polished chrome to deliver a unique and unified restroom aesthetic.

BluetoothWhen synced with the Sloan Connect App, these products deliver facility managers and building owners with the ability to:

  • View Status – See how your Bluetooth-connected faucets and flushometers are performing. Monitor water usage, keep track of the battery strength of fixtures with built-in sensors, and customize your operation settings to ensure efficient usage.
  • Adjust Settings – Reduce maintenance time and cost with on-demand timeout settings that manage how long water can flow, even down to the second. Set periodic line flushes to keep every faucet and flushometer clean, safe, and in proper working order, while customizing sensor activation distances.
  • Run Diagnostics – Access technical data and share diagnostic reports for swift and easy maintenance and troubleshooting by sending reports back to Sloan for time-saving assessment and technical support.

New and existing deck-mounted BASYS EFX and hardwired Optima EAF Faucets can be upgraded for Bluetooth connectivity with Sloan’s new Bluetooth Adapter. The adapter simply connects into the faucet cable below the deck, and the firmware automatically updates.

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