SloanTec Surface Treatment by Sloan

SloanTec™ by Sloan® Valve Company is a surface treatment that helps maintain a hygienic restroom experience for visitors. This proprietary glaze imparts permanent hydrophobic (water-repellent) and oleophobic (oil-repellent) properties to vitreous china.

surface treatmentSurfaces with SloanTec glaze actively repel liquids and inhibit the growth of germs and bacteria. More than a smooth mirror-like glaze, its modification process physically alters the surface and transforms the characteristics of the glaze on a nanoscale level. The results are readily apparent. It provides for an easier to clean surface that decreases mineral build-up and resists all manner of marks and stains.

Hydrophobic properties can be measured by the contact angle of a droplet of water. In laboratory tests, SloanTec glaze achieved angles as high as 95°—up to seven times greater than conventional glazes. Testing confirmed that surfaces with higher contact angles are easier to clean and keep clean.

surface treatmentA series of tests were also conducted to ensure the hydrophobic and oleophobic properties of SloanTec glaze were permanent and could stand up to the harsh conditions in commercial restrooms. The surface was artificially aged. Samples were exposed to harsh chemicals such as hydrochloric and sulphuric acids at 140°F for two days. They were then subjected to 5,000 cycles of abrasive scrubbing. After this extreme abuse, SloanTec glaze was virtually unaffected.

After the artificial aging was completed, an independent testing laboratory measured soil removal. Tests were conducted on samples of each glaze using identical rinsing techniques, and once again, SloanTec surface treatment delivered. The net result was a water closet that stays cleaner longer; one that saves time and labor when it comes to maintenance.

SloanTec glaze can be specified on any Sloan fixture for applications in areas such as office buildings, schools, healthcare facilities, restaurants, hotels, transportation centers, and entertainment or sports venues.