Smart Security Cameras With Mask Detection From Rhombus Systems

To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, the Rhombus security cameras automatically identify if individuals are not wearing face coverings.

Rhombus Systems has introduced smart security cameras with integrated mask detection to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and enable safer reopening of businesses during the pandemic.

“COVID-19 has affected the economy and how organizations operate in today’s world,” said Garrett Larsson, CEO and co-founder of Rhombus Systems. “Face coverings are now a requirement for many businesses, and with Rhombus Mask Detection, we’ve made it easier for managers to be notified when people are not wearing masks throughout their organization with minimal manual work.”

Smart Security Cameras With Mask Detection
Automatically identify if individuals are not wearing face coverings across your entire network of Rhombus security cameras.

Included at no additional cost, Mask Detection works with Rhombus’ entire line of security cameras, allowing organizations to efficiently scale their COVID-19 response efforts. Mask Detection uses a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, and edge-based processing to automatically detect if individuals within a scene are wearing a mask. If a mask is not detected, the system will issue a real-time video alert for immediate response to protect visitors and reduce potential safety violations.

“Our partnership with Rhombus allows us to deliver better value through an open, integrated platform with intelligent security cameras,” said Kelsey Kerling of LVC Companies Inc., a national physical security systems integrator. “Adding Mask Detection, at no additional cost, makes Rhombus even more compelling. LVC is committed to helping organizations stay safe and secure. Being able to monitor whether people are wearing masks, and send real-time alerts, will give employees and visitors confidence that the proper safety measures are in place. It’s a great solution for building, facilities, and property managers.”

Enforcing safety protocols at scale is a challenge that Rhombus is uniquely equipped to help solve. Fever-detection cameras have proven to be ineffective due to technology inaccuracies and individuals who are asymptomatic to the virus. Rhombus Mask Detection provides an alternative solution by helping organizations maintain safer environments at scale through mask-wearing.

The addition of Mask Detection aligns with Rhombus’ greater mission to create safer, more connected spaces through intelligent building automation. With the Rhombus platform, organizations can integrate modern video security with a suite of business solutions to assist in safer reopening, including particulate matter and air quality monitoring with IP Video’s HALO Smart Sensor; controlled building access with Openpath or Kisi; and automated HVAC controls with additional integrations.

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