SmartVac 464 and 664 Vacuum Sweepers by IPC Eagle

The SmartVac™ 464 and SmartVac™ 664 by IPC Eagle are battery operated vacuum sweepers. They vacuum carpet and sweep floors, automatically adjusting to any surface.

The SmartVac 464 has a maximum working width of 24″, cleans up to 38,000 square feet per hour, and weighs 91 pounds. The SmartVac 664 has a maximum working width of 32″, cleans up to 41,000 square feet per hour, and weighs 124 pounds. Both have a 12V/45Ah maintenance free sealed battery that lasts up to 2.5 hours per charge with quiet 55 dBa operation for use day or night.

vacuumThe vacuum sweepers feature self-cleaning filter systems and self-leveling main brushes to account for uneven floors. They will cope with small and large debris alike with hopper volumes 10 to 15 times the capacity of upright vacuums. The rear debris hopper should be emptied daily.

The main brushes of the SmartVac 464 and SmartVac 664 are “V” shape. They are large in diameter to safely flick the surface to release soil and have a long bristle design for deep cleaning. The bristles create a high volume airflow in conjunction with the high CFM vacuum blower to carry away soil. The SmartVac 464 main brush measures 16″ wide while the SmartVac 664 main brush measures 24″ wide.

The SmartVac 464 and SmartVac 664 have filters with an incorporated rubber gasket for control of dust. The pre-filter is also equipped to catch large fibers. This micro dust filtration assures clean indoor air. The products display self-diagnostic data, battery charge status (with on-board charger), and a digital hour meter to measure productivity. Two pre-programmed work settings provide optimum results in a variety of applications.

The SmartVac 464 and SmartVac 664 are maneuverable with adjustable handles for transport and storage. They are also low maintenance with the dust filters, main brushes, and side brushes replaced without the use of tools.