SmartXcan Touch-Free Thermal Scanner

Production Resource Group's portable temperature screener provides instantaneous feedback on up to 700 people per hour as they enter a venue

Production Resource Group LLC (PRG), a provider of entertainment and event technology solutions, is putting its innovation and manufacturing capabilities to use in the effort to reopen public venues of all kinds. The company’s SmartXcan (read “smart scan”) is a touch-free thermal scanner that provides instantaneous feedback on up to 700 people per hour as they enter a facility about their potential fever from infection. This portable temperature scanner can be installed in entertainment venues, convention centers, and workplaces.Touch-Free Thermal Scanner

“Being an innovator for the entertainment industry, we quickly realized the versatility of SmartXcan for various scenarios, including sports arenas, meeting venues, schools, office buildings, and even in transit hubs,” said Mark Peterson of PRG Scenic Technologies. “The SmartXcan is much more accurate and faster than other devices that are being modified to meet current needs. We use a diagnostic tool that measures temperature in the sinus cavity and behind the eyes in 0.6 seconds.”

The SmartXcan leverages advanced fever scanning technology developed by Kentix, a German company that develops smart building security. The touch-free thermal scanner meets the FDA requirements for the safety and performance for human temperature screening (IEC 80601-2-59:2017) and HIPAA standards. Additionally, SmartXcan’s temperature data is anonymized and not connected to identifying technology, meeting DSGVO privacy laws. Scanning is private: no user-identifiable information is collected with each scan.

“We wanted to ensure that people feel comfortable using the SmartXcan, so it does not have facial recognition capabilities,” said Peterson. “Who you are is not important to us, we are just trying to assist in reopening as safely as possible.”

On-board auditory and visual indicators provide status information to the user as well as nearby security personnel (discreet, remote feedback is also available.). Security or administrative personnel can wave positive scans into the facility while negative scans can be redirected for a secondary review.

PRG offers various designs of the SmartXcan that can be used anywhere. Portable options include wheeled pedestal, kiosk, countertop, or with built-in turnstiles for automated entry control. Power is provided via standard 120VAC or the on-board battery that provides up to 24 hours of continuous use. Permanently installed versions can be floor, wall, or countertop mounted and can be integrated with many existing access control systems. Further, the SmartXcan comes in an ADA compliant-design and can be used by children. Each design offers hands-free scanning that quickly notifies individuals via a green or red light that they are okay to proceed.

PRG Chairman and CEO Jere Harris said, “With our businesses in concerts and festivals, Broadway, sports events, and corporate events, we’ve gained a unique understanding of the places where people gather. With SmartXcan, we are applying that knowledge to help businesses, schools, and government facilities reopen in a way that inspires confidence and trust.”

The SmartXcan measures 55.75″ H x 18″ W x 19.4″ L and weighs 49.5 pounds with an operating temperature of 64°F to -75°F, 10-75% humidity non-condensing. Scan distance is 4″ to 12″ and the touch-free thermal scanner can be purchased or rented.