SnowShield From Marketair

Designed for use with a mini-split condenser outside buildings, this product protects equipment from snow and ice as well as from summer heat and UV rays.

Marketair, a New Jersey provider of HVAC/R installation and service accessories/tools, introduces SnowShield, a lightweight, easy-to-install mini-split condenser canopy/shelter for protection against snow, icicles, falling debris and year-round direct sunlight for the U.S. condenser

The SnowShield canopy/shelter comprises an inverted U-shape with the top panel constructed of sturdy corrosion-resistant, vinyl-covered aircraft-grade aluminum. Its design allows full airflow while protecting the condenser from snow and ice and doubles as a summertime heat and ultraviolet (UV) sun shade. The product is available in black, gray or tan.

SnowShield fits over all mini-split brands and mounts to all condenser wall brackets, support stands or pads. It is available in three sizes: HPS-1 for 9,000 to 15,000-BTU/hr condensers with a maximum size of 26″h x 34″w x 18″d; HPS-2 for 18,000 to 24,000-BTU/hr and maximum condenser size of 34″h x 38″w x 18″d; and the HPS-3 for 30,000 to 60,000-BTU/hr and maximum condenser size of 56″h x 38″w x 18″d.

SnowShield is collapsible and ships in compact, easy handling, stackable, 8″ deep cardboard cartons that include stainless steel mounting hardware and detailed instructions.

Inspired by a local HVAC contractor with snow/ice-damaged condensers, Able Canvas of Grand Barachois, New Brunswick, NJ developed SnowShield four years ago to withstand extreme conditions of the Atlantic Seaboard and now has thousands of installations throughout Canada without any failures or warranty returns.

SnowShield also features:

  • Two-year full warranty
  • Heating/cooling efficiency improvement versus exposed condensers
  • All metal components are corrosion-resistant
  • Tough vinyl-covered aluminum top can withstand up to at least 350-pounds of snow accumulation
  • Doesn’t block airflow condenser airflow
  • Withstands all temperature extremes

Marketair is the exclusive importer of SnowShield, which is available direct or through most wholesale HVAC distributors in the U.S.