Social Distancing Reminders Promote Safer Retail Store Shopping

SmartDome heightens real-time awareness of social distancing in retail stores – especially in areas frequented by multiple shoppers.

A top priority of retailers in this volatile COVID-19 environment is ensuring the safety of everyone in their stores. To support this effort, Indyme, a provider of shopper engagement and loss prevention technologies, has introduced SmartDome. This new device heightens real-time awareness of social distancing in retail stores – especially in areas frequented by multiple shoppers.

Social DistancingVisits to food, drug, and DIY stores remain essential to many of us. However, since each visit represents added risk to shoppers and staff alike, retailers have adopted increasingly rigorous cleaning practices and other measures to assure shoppers of their safety. Social distancing is a crucial element in this effort, though ensuring consistent compliance by hundreds of visitors a day is no small challenge. That’s where SmartDome helps.

SmartDome looks like a dome security camera typically seen in many stores. However, it operates much differently. Upon detecting people in the monitored area, it announces a message such as “For your safety, please maintain at least six feet of social distance.” Simple but effective.

It is especially helpful that retailers can implement this potentially life-saving measure rapidly. Since the device is battery-operated, store staff can quickly self-install these compact devices – no technician or wiring required. Versatile mounting options facilitate placement above areas where reminders are most needed, such as checkouts, service counters, entrances, and busy departments.

“This health crisis demands that U.S. technology companies rapidly innovate solutions to assist in this dynamic and evolving situation,” said Joe Budano, CEO of Indyme. “Our retail partners shared their health and safety challenges with us – we listened – and this simple and rapidly deployable solution promoting social distancing is the result. In situations where adding more people to the equation would only make matters worse, technology solutions like SmartDome can save lives.”

Once pandemic fears subside, SmartDome can be repurposed with the flip of a switch to help reduce theft and increase customer engagement, thereby contributing to store operations long after social distancing is no longer necessary.

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