Sofidel Dry Tech Heavy-Duty Hand Towels

Built for Strength with Enhanced Absorbency and No Leftover Dust or Lint

Dry Tech Heavy-Duty from Sofidel is a line of hand towels with absorbency per sheet that is more than double competitors’ towels. The white towels are also constructed with negative embossing to eliminate linting and leftover dust.

hand towelsDry Tech is created using air. To add comfort, softness, and absorption, air flows through the fibers and creates air pockets, increasing the paper’s bulk. The process is called Through-Air Drying. Dry Tech Heavy-Duty is suitable for use on glass, aluminum, and other glossy surfaces where dust and lint can be highly visible after cleaning.

“Disposable hand towels must be designed to withstand rigorous cleaning tasks and hand drying,” said Fabio Vitali, Vice President AFH Marketing & Sales for Sofidel America. “We’ve built Dry Tech Heavy-Duty towels with long fibers and three plies for added strength and best-in-class absorbency to keep customers happy and facilities looking their best.”

Dry Tech Heavy-Duty offers increased wet and dry strength to ensure seamless dispensing, maximum performance, and improved guest satisfaction. In addition, greater softness and absorption enhances comfort and saves time while reduced paper consumption drives down costs and environmental waste.

Products in the line include:hand towels

Hardwound Roll Towels Dry Tech (410126, 410127, and 410128) with roll diameters of 7.53″ and pyramid embossing. Item 410126 has a roll length of 599.85′ and is 7.6 high”, 410127 measures 600′ L x 10.01″ H, and 410128 measures 550′ L x 10.01″ H.

Center Pull Towel Dry Tech (410094) has a roll length of 400′ with a height of 7.6″, a roll diameter of 7.92″, and 400 tears with pyramid embossing.

Multifold Dry Tech (410170) hand towels measure 9.26″ L x 9.26″H with point to point embossing and 150 tear pieces.