Software Enables Bluetooth Pairing for Wi-Fi

Using the WAND Module for X2™ controllers, contractors can use their smartphones as a manual remote when Wi-Fi is unavailable or the controller is hard to access

The WAND Module for X2 controllers from Hunter now includes software that enables Bluetooth pairing for seamless Wi-Fi setup in minutes. Once online, contractors can use easy-to-learn features to get site tasks done quickly.

BluetoothWi-Fi makes installing and managing irrigation systems quicker, easier, and more convenient. But when a site has a poor internet connection or none at all, contractors now have a solution.

The X2 controller for irrigation management provides the option to add Wi-Fi for remote management and advanced water-saving features using Hunter’s Hydrawise® software. If users upgrade X2 with WAND, programming is familiar, fast, and easy thanks to a setup wizard using a smartphone or desktop device.

To reduce maintenance time, eliminate having to return to the controller to manually start/stop zones when Wi-Fi is not present, and bypass the need for a SmartPort® and ROAM remote, users that add a WAND module to any X2 controller can simply connect via Bluetooth using the Hydrawise app. Hydrawise has a new Bluetooth Control screen that allows remote operation for manual single and all-zone run commands. This feature works up to 75′ away from the controller location, providing easier zone diagnostics, winterization, and site maintenance.

BluetoothThe Hydrawise App allows contractors to connect in six steps, reducing internet setup time by 70%. Bluetooth Remote lets contractors use their smartphones as a manual remote when Wi-Fi is unavailable or the controller is hard to access—suitable for controllers in garages or behind locked gates.

There’s also a better way to program standalone X2 controllers that are not ready for Wi-Fi management. With the Hydrawise app and a WAND module, Rapid Programming™ technology allows a preconfigured X2 schedule from the Hydrawise platform to be transferred within seconds to the X2 controller memory. The preconfigured schedule comes from the Hydrawise cloud and passes through the WAND to the controller; the WAND is removed after the transfer. This time-saving tool allows contractors to avoid the dial and buttons to ensure schedule accuracy for every controller adjustment—without setting the date and time.

Contractors who add the WAND module to the controller get access to advanced water-saving features using Hunter’s wireless Hydrawise Irrigation Management Platform. It connects to Hydrawise Predictive Watering™ allowing the system to adjust schedules based on forecasted temperature, rainfall probability, wind, and humidity to provide maximum water savings.

All existing WAND users will be able to unlock these new features via an automatic software update today. Newly manufactured WAND Modules dated August 2021 or later will include these features right out of the box.


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