Software Update Needed for ZOLL AED Plus

ZOLL Medical Corporation has issued a field corrective action on its AED Plus® automated external defibrillator. The Company had determined that some batteries do not work properly when used with ZOLL AED Plus defibrillators manufactured prior to February 12, 2009 (serial numbers below X_ _ _200000).

The previous version of ZOLL AED Plus Self-Test Software did not adequately detect defective batteries, which could lead to a failure to deliver defibrillation shocks during treatment of sudden cardiac arrest. Customers who own this model should take the following action:

  1. All AED Plus devices with serial numbers below “X_ _ _200000” must be upgraded with the latest software release. The software update can be easily downloaded from the Company’s Web site and installed by the user.
  2. Users must send ZOLL an acknowledgment that the corrective action has been implemented after updating the device software. This confirmation is required for customers to avoid liability and for ZOLL to ensure defective devices have been remedied.

More information on this corrective action, including instructions for downloading software, sending ZOLL the acknowledgment, and ordering replacement batteries is available from the following link.

This action does not apply to AED Plus devices manufactured after February 12, 2009 (serial numbers above X_ _ _200000).