Soltage Completes 2.7 MW Community Solar Project

The project will supply renewable energy local solar subscribers under the Illinois community solar program.


The 2.7 MW community solar project in Pontiac, IL (Photo: Soltage)

Soltage finished the construction and commissioning of a 2.7 MW community solar project in Pontiac, IL.

The project is built on land owned by the City of Pontiac and its energy sales are managed by Chicago-based MC Squared Energy Services. The Pontiac project features single axis-trackers, bi-facial modules, and incorporates native pollinator friendly vegetation to benefit the local environment.

The Pontiac project will supply over 4,000 MWh of renewable energy per year to local municipal, commercial, and residential community solar subscribers under the Illinois community solar program. Soltage, an independent power producer, is delivering energy to its customers through an ongoing partnership with a licensed alternative retail electric supplier, MC Squared. Announced in 2019, the partnership designates MC Squared to serve as Soltage’s exclusive subscription manager for all of the company’s community solar projects across Illinois over the next twenty years.

Rather than using the typical turf grass, the project incorporates native pollinator-friendly plants including shrubs, grasses, and flowers to cover and protect the soil. This vegetation provides long-term environmental stewardship benefits to the land, local fauna, and also dramatically reduces stormwater runoff.

“We’re glad to continue the drumbeat of community solar development in Illinois to bring clean, affordable, and reliable energy to the community in Pontiac and nearby geographies,” said Jonathan Roberts, Vice President of Development for Soltage. “After entering Illinois’ market in 2018, we’ve seen a great demand for community solar through our ongoing partnership with MC Squared and we look forward to increasing access to clean energy for residents and businesses alike.”

“It is exciting to see the state’s goal of reaching 100% carbon-free energy by 2045 roll out across the State, and we are glad to do our part in connecting zero carbon projects with energy consuming customers,” said Chuck Sutton, President of MC Squared Energy Services.

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