LEDVANCE introduces a variety of energy efficient SYLVANIA Outdoor LED Luminaires. This article and short video showcases the options for facilities.

The recent issue of Facility Executive magazine featured this SOLUTIONS 2022 item about outdoor LED lighting for facilities. Below is the Q&A from the December 2021 article. Click below to watch a short video about this lighting offering.


New SYLVANIA outdoor LED luminaires from LEDVANCE, like new floodlights, wall packs, and area lights, combine all the benefits of LED lighting with a traditional to modern design and offer facility managers the wattage, color temperature, aesthetics, and installation options to fit their needs.

Facility Executive: What is a notable product or service that LEDVANCE will introduce to facility management professionals in 2022? With new SYLVANIA outdoor LED luminaires that are good, better, and best, including CCT and wattage selectable options, facility executives will be able to find the right product with the features that meet their requirements. SYLVANIA DLC listed LED luminaires also enable facility managers to maximize energy savings and rebate opportunities.

The LEDVANCE team in Versailles, KY can customize products for a facility manager’s specific project needs, adding control sensors and emergency battery backups and changing lenses. Facility executives can get what they need fast, rather than waiting months.

SYLVANIA general lighting products have been known for quality and reliability for over a century, and LEDVANCE is a global vertically integrated lighting manufacturer facility managers can trust. LEDVANCE is proud that its commitment to delivering quality and reliability has been recognized by an independent industry source—the National Lighting Bureau’s Trusted Warranty Evaluation Program.

Facility Executive: How is this offering relevant to the work of facility management leaders? How will it help them achieve their goals? Karen Powell, TriMet’s Director of Facilities Management, shared her experience working with SYLVANIA LED products. The TriMet transit system has been providing bus, light rail, and commuter rail transit services to the Portland, OR metro area since 1969. Thousands of older HID and fluorescent lamps illuminated the bus and rail garages, yards, and parking lots.

Said Powell, “In addition to creating dark spots in our space, our lights were difficult to access and maintain, requiring the scheduling of a bucket truck and the rearrangement of transportation operations.” TriMet upgraded their lighting with a wide variety of SYLVANIA LED products which included outdoor area lights and wall packs.

“The safety and comfort of our employees is paramount and our new SYLVANIA LED products have delivered everything from improved productivity and safety to reduced energy consumption and better-quality lighting—all of which have truly transformed our space. Our team has commented on how the new lighting has made them feel even more positive in their workspaces. We have also seen a reduction in trespassing incidents due to the improved lighting,” Powell said.

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