Solve™ Seating by The HON Company

Today’s workers are expressing an increased desire for a flexible seating solution that supports their ergonomic and functional needs. To bring unmatched comfort and versatility to today’s workplace, The HON Company teamed up with the world-renowned Deisig Design team to introduce a new, innovative, high performance task chair into their seating lineup — Solve.

Solve task chair“By focusing on the connection between employee comfort and productivity, The HON Company sought to design a new line of chairs that seamlessly improves the work experience,” said Brian Trego, Vice President, Product Management and Development at The HON Company. “Solve is designed to support the needs and preferences of a wide variety of employees and their office environments.”

Solve Provides Day-Long Comfort

Solve’s responsive design adapts intuitively to user movement to provide continuous comfort and ventilation options through three unique back materials:

  • ReActiv™ Back – a flexible material with a distinctive hexagonal design that offers the breathability of mesh while providing the support of a standard back that flexes independently and moves with the user to deliver continuous support and comfort
  • Upholstered ReActiv Back – an optional upholstered front increases support and thermal comfort
  • Mesh Back – breathable ilira®-stretch mesh provides responsive support and leverages the user’s weight to create a softer sit

To provide the best ergonomic support and individual preference beyond the innovative new back materials, Solve features also include:

  • Three ergonomic tilt controls provide a higher level of customization
  • Optional adjustable lumbar support and arms

“Every employee is different and people are looking for flexible seating to intuitively adapt to how they work and provide advanced comfort and support throughout their work day and throughout different work environments within the office,” said Trego. “Solve provides just that.”

The Solve seating line is a strong addition to HON’s existing workplace offering, including solutions for workstations, meeting rooms, and private offices.

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