SP Industries ROLO Box Dumper

Heavy Duty, Reliable & Customizable for Wide Range of Applications

The ROLO Box Dumper from SP Industries is a heavy capacity production dumper used extensively in auto parts production, forging facilities, recycling operations, distribution centers, food processing, and waste handling. It empties material from a container into production, recycling, or waste handling equipment. Models include the ROLO 1000, 2000, 4000, 6000, and 8000.box dumper

With a dump angle of 135°, the ROLO Box Dumper is suitable for carts, bins and cans, efficiently handling scrap metals, metal chips, corrugated materials, and hospital waste. Material can be emptied from the ROLO Box Dumper directly into production, into smaller containers, onto a sorting tray, table, or conveyor. It provides peace of mind by reducing back injuries, improving production, eliminating bottlenecks, and keeping facilities looking better.

Custom fabrications are standard on the ROLO Box Dumper; cart attachments and scoops can be built to match specific carts/containers. Additional options include PLC controls, hydraulic lock systems for carts, thermo oil heater, side-entry scoop, and dumper enclosures. The product has a structural steel frame and high-tensile steel pivot shaft for durability and stability. Dual hydraulic cylinder power adds to stability and increases lifting capacity.

The ROLO Box Dumper is readily equipped with a hold down bar, side hold down angles, bottom or side forks, or an adjustable hold down bar. The container is held in place by side hold-down bars. An optional funnel attachment directs material from the container into a narrower hopper located below floor level. Rolling carts equipped with fork pockets are held in position by bottom forks.

The ROLO 1000 has a 1,000 pound lift capacity; a dump height up to 60″; a 5 HP motor; and a 6 GPM pump size with a cycle time of 26 to 140 seconds. The ROLO 2000 (2,000 pound capacity, 20 to 160 second cycle time), 4000 (4,000 pound capacity, 34 to 220 second cycle time), and 6000 (6,000 pound capacity, 34 to 137 second cycle time) have a maximum dump height of 84″, 5 HP or 10 HP motor sizes, and pump sizes of 6 GPM or 10 GPM. The ROLO 8000 has a weight capacity of 8,000 pounds; a maximum dump height of 84″; a 10 HP motor; a 10 GMP pump size; and a cycle time of 41 to 137 seconds.

All SP Industries equipment meets or exceeds ANSI and OSHA specifications for safety.