Space Planning & Space Decision-Making Tool

CORT Space360™ 3D visualization helps CORT Workplace clients bring what “could be” to life

CORT, a provider of furniture rental and transition services, announced the launch of CORT Space360™ Powered by FastOffice®—a new budgeting and 3D visualization technology platform designed to help CORT’s clients virtually assess and design their office spacing needs, and shorten their real estate decision-making process. This CORT Space360 space planning and decision-making tool is available to all CORT Workplace clients.

Space PlanningWhile the space planning process can be costly and take several days or weeks, CORT Space360 offers a faster, more affordable solution for CORT clients as they reconfigure and optimize their current office space or seek new office real estate to occupy. CORT Space360 assists CORT’s design experts in helping clients answer three questions:

  1. Will we fit? View different layouts and scenarios. Make changes in real time with a CORT expert.
  2. What could our space look like? 3D design and furniture plans showcase how functionality, workflow, and aesthetics combine, giving aerial, angled, and virtual walk through views of the space.
  3. What will it cost? Adjust the total cost of occupancy per month in real time, fine tuning variables like lease rate, soft costs, tenant improvements, furnishings, and OPEX.

Space Planning“As more businesses think about the future of work and what that means for their office space, CORT Space360 powered by FastOffice provides an efficient and effective option to help our clients make the right call as they determine their new model of work. This may include finding office space that will fit employees’ needs, quickly assessing how employees will fit in an office space, and whether the space will reflect the way employees want to work,” said Jon Hile, executive vice president of CORT.

FastOffice is the developer of a 3D visualization platform that helps people understand and navigate commercial office space decisions. FastOffice and CORT formed a partnership in 2020 to provide clients with adaptable office solutions that include visualizing furnished office space in an ever-changing work environment. This partnership enhances FastOffice’s ability to support both landlords and tenants looking to rent furniture for their space, expanding furniture as a service (FaaS) in commercial real estate to FastOffice customers.

Space PlanningCORT Space360 serves as a complement to CORT Furniture as a Service, which together provide flexible workplace solutions through office furniture rental to help make total occupancy decisions with minimal investment and risk. With many corporate occupiers slow to return to the workplace, space planning tools are garnering more attention to help businesses make better-informed decisions about changing their office space or moving to an entirely new location.

“We strive to help our clients make the most informed decisions when addressing their office space needs, and we’re excited to partner with CORT to help their clients tackle challenges in the space decision process to find the best solutions,” said Casey Myhre, co-founder and COO of FastOffice. “This technology combined with CORT Furniture Rental options demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest value to our customers and CORT clients.”


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