Spacewell Introduces New Service App

IoT-enabled Work Assistant for cleaning supports service providers to deliver activity-based services

Work Assistant for cleaning from building technology and consulting firm, Spacewell, is a new service app. It is a mobile touchpoint of the company’s Cobundu™ smart building platform and supports service providers to deliver activity-based services, based on live IoT-data. Work orders can be created in a variety of ways, including through sensor triggers, user feedback, help desk tickets, and service scheduling.service app

Work Assistant is intuitive and provides clear instructions on floor plans to cleaning or service teams. But what makes it truly unique is the combination of floor plans with live occupancy data, sensor triggers, and real-time data analytics. The analytics are provided by the Cobundu smart building platform. Due to the app’s IoT connection, it becomes possible to deliver services in a more dynamic way, based on actual space occupancy and activity data from user devices.

Built with simplicity in mind, the service app enables service operatives such as cleaners or technicians to:

  • See intuitive, pictogram-based work orders highlighted on floor plans; the app clearly indicates which tasks to perform and where, automatically sorted based on priority
  • Work in a standardized and qualitative way
  • Complete and skip tasks, providing a skip reason
  • Track time spent on a task or in a room
  • Report ad-hoc issues for the FM team to resolve

The Work Assistant for cleaning app offers clear benefits whether or not it receives data from the IoT. However, it realizes its full potential when smart building technology measures which parts of the building are in (frequent) use and which are less important for end-user satisfaction. Cleaning operatives can then target their efforts where it matters most.